How to migrate data from Alfresco to SharePoint within a tight time-frame?

Lack of internal resources dedicated to maintaining your legacy ECM system, such as Alfresco, can make your organization decide to move to a more modern (cloud) solution, such as SharePoint. If you wish to migrate thousands of documents from your Alfresco instance into SharePoint but you lack time, then here are the steps you can take.

  1. Step 1: Fast dump to Alfresco content

When you need to meet a tight time-frame, find a vendor that has enough experience with both systems and can perform a one-on-one migration from Alfresco to SharePoint without first having several planning meetings and workshops. The first step in migrating alfresco to sharepoint will be a fast dump of all Alfresco content.

  1. Step 2: Analyze content and do mapping

In addition, the exported Alfresco content must be analyzed so that the results can be used to create the transformation mapping. Because of automatic provisioning of the SharePoint structure, there is no need to set up sites, libraries and metadata manually.

  1. Step 3: Test
    After reaching agreement on the mappings, run a test import to SharePoint. Based on that test and some optimizations, the final migration can be done.

  1. Step 4: Clean up content
    When doing a one-on-one migration to meet the deadline, cleaning up content (such as duplicates) can be handled in an additional project. During this project, all content will be analyzed and ROT content will be deleted or archived.

  2. Considerations
    When dealing with large volumes, an iterative approach where the Alfresco migration is done in groups of site is advisable. This way there is a minimum content freeze on a particular site. After a few successful migrations, the first migration street can be duplicated to speed the process.

  1. Migration-as-a-service
    For one of its customers, Xillio migrated all 600.000 documents from over 600 sites from their Alfresco instance to SharePoint with its Migration-as-a-Service approach. According to the customer, Xillio had the most agile approach of all vendors they reached out to. “Xillio understood that we wanted it fast and therefore directly went into the technical aspects of the project without having multiple project planning meetings. In addition, they were one of the few companies that was comfortable in both Alfresco and SharePoint. It was exactly what we needed.”

  2. Rather migrate content to alfresco? Have a look at this page to find out more about the possibilities for migrations and integrations from/to Alfresco.


What can you expect from a vendor in a Migration-as-a-Service Project?

Download the white paper to learn what to expect and what the vendor expects from you

What to Expect from a Migration as a Service project

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