Why Enterprise Information Archiving vendors miss out on revenue

by Ernst van Rheenen, on Jun 18, 2018 11:48:10 AM

It’s any vendors goal to create new revenue streams whenever possible, and it’s not any different in the archiving business. Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) vendors, however, have a problem that causes them to miss a major opportunity. What is the problem?

Historically, EIA vendors support only one, or sometimes two, of the major enterprise content management systems, such as FileNet, OpenText, Documentum or SharePoint. Support for other, smaller system in the ecosystem is low or doesn’t exist at all. On the other hand, their clients are expanding the number of repositories they are using and will need support for that. They no longer work with only one system, they need to comply with archiving policies across the enterprise over multiple repositories.

You could say “Why don’t these enterprises consolidate their content in one modern – maybe cloud – repository?” Good question, but have you thought about all the core business processes that are embedded in these legacy repositories. It’s not so simple to phase out legacy systems and migrate all data retention policies for all documents. These are complex and costly programs that are hard to control.

No, the change should come from the archiving vendors. How? They should expand their reach beyond the current system(s) they support and offer a broader solution. More supported systems result in more clients, larger deals and more revenue. But how can they do this?

financial-servicesWith Xillio’s content integration solution, it’s possible to build one archiving portal covering all repositories in the enterprise, so that all repositories are accessible through this portal. With Xillio, the EAI vendor immediately has access to 40+ connectors to all best-known repositories. This eliminates the need to build custom integrations and makes it possible to expand the systems they support. For the client, it gets easier to manage archiving policies across multiple repositories. A win-win deal!


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