How can I migrate Documentum content to SharePoint?

by Remco Steelink, on Mar 26, 2018 11:37:52 AM

Are you looking to retire your instance of Documentum to a new SharePoint (either online or on-premise), then one of your main concerns could be how to transfer metadata from Documentum to SharePoint. Migrating documents and its metadata from Documentum to SharePoint is complex. But, luckily, it is possible. Learn how.

how-to-migrate-documentum-to-sharepoint-onlineThe first step is to get the content and permissions/metadata from Documentum. Using a third-party migration tool, it is possible to access and view all Documentum cabinets using the Documentum REST API. In addition, selected documents and metadata can be downloaded in a JSON or XML file.

Mapping Documentum content to SharePoint

Now comes the difficult part, namely matching of the Documentum repository or Documentum content to SharePoint. SharePoint has a completely different structure then Documentum. It contains site collections, sites, lists, and list items where Documentum uses cabinets, folders, and documents. In the second step, the magic happens. Using a migration tool the content models of the two systems can be mapped, making sure the Documentum documents and metadata end up in the right SharePoint list items.

The last step is similar to the first step. After the mapping, the content can be imported into SharePoint using one of these two approaches: Using a Powershell importer or the SOAP/REST API of SharePoint. If you are migrating Documentum to SharePoint Online you are limited to the second option, which is probably easier to use anyway.

Migrating from Documentum to SharePoint Online?

We recommend you go with a third-party tool, unless you have an in-house migration tool. Do make sure you find a vendor that is familiar with both Documentum and SharePoint products, so that successful mapping and migration is guaranteed.



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