Migrate from EMC Documentum

Export of content and metadata with Documentum connector


Migrate content from Documentum

Migrate from EMC Documentum

The acquisition of EMC Documentum by OpenText has now been fully completed. It may have made you decide to say goodbye to your old legacy Documentum installation and replace it with a new enterprise content management system. Maybe you are considering a migration to LEAP or a migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online or maybe even to migrate Documentum content to Alfresco?

Transferring the current content processes and applications already developed in Documentum isn't easy. You will also have to go through a process to transform, restructure, and enrich content with metadata.

With our migration software in combination with the Documentum connectors, Xillio offers the possibility to migrate repositories, documents and metadata from and to EMC Documentum. Our connectors support almost every source and target system, giving you the flexibility you are looking for with 100% results.

Maybe you haven't made up your mind yet whether you should continue with Documentum or not... If so, view our recorded webinar: Documentum: Should I Stay or Go? 

Export and import of data


When exporting from Documentum all the functionality is exported, including renditions, content types, workflows and access control lists.

The Documentum export connector uses Xillio's Concurrency Package. 

The import connector extracts data from the unified data model and imports it into the target system Documentum. Here, the source data is transformed so that the data conforms to the new data model, including the transfer of permission.

In addition, users and groups are automatically transferred to Documentum. During the transfer, transformation or enrichments are conducted to meet the retention requirements of the new system. 

Integrate Documentum content
What if migrating your Documentum instance is not an option? For example, because it drives your compliance processes? Or because you simply cannot prioritize a big migration project in your already swamped IT roadmap? There are multiple reasons why you should think of integrating Documentum.

Opening up your Documentum silo through the Xillio API is a good way of accessing the valuable content in it. If you use your Documentum ECM as a central archive, then you do not want to the risk of losing this information. Integrating with Documentum through the Xillio API can assure you that this valuable content is never lost. 

Migrating a legacy ECM system?

This white paper explores one indispensable first step towards creating a coherent content landscape: migrating content from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system towards a system that helps rather than hinders your business objectives.


Standard functionality

  • Import and export of files, folders, versions, value  lists, permissions, system data, and metadata;
  • Restructuring of metadata;
  • Metadata enrichment based on business rules;
  • Mapping of metadata models;
  • Migration rules based on data, context, and text in documents;
  • Extensive report and migration audit trail.

System-specific functionality

  • Supports migrations of renditions, retention policies

Supported versions

  • Version 6.x
  • Version 7.x                                                                                                   

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