How to Overcome Big Hurdles When Migrating to Microsoft 365

by Werner Taube, on Aug 27, 2020 4:23:00 PM

When it comes to migrating legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems to Microsoft 365, the common understanding in the industry is that replacing legacy ECMs is difficult and risky. This common understanding is keeping enterprises from moving to the new way of working and collaborating. Let’s review some of the common questions we often hear from the project managers when facing a migration to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365):

1. How can I get people to use the new system?

Humans are creatures of habit. Moving to a new system means that users will need to get familiar with a new product, its features, the user-interface and much more. Getting users excited enough so they adopt, and then decide to use the new product consistently is one of the obstacles we encounter a lot. This is one of the biggest challenges for entities migrating.

2. What to do with legacy file formats? 
When a migration to the cloud involves documents that are used to collaborate (for example, Excel files with macros) or when it involves non-Microsoft based files, it becomes complex. People often hesitate transferring these to the cloud as they are afraid to lose the active macros and the possibility to collaborate on these documents. So, what do I do with legacy file formats? 

3. Where should I archive outdated files?
Developing archiving features is not a top priority of Microsoft, so where should outdated files go? Do I need a cloud archiving solution or advanced records management? And if so, what vendors should I look out for?

4. What should I do for back-up?
Everyone who is less cloud-oriented is used to creating their own backups, but Microsoft 365 doesn’t provide any back-up capabilities for local needs. And all the fancy security surrounding the Microsoft data center doesn’t mean a thing to your system admin. So, what are the possibilities here?

These (and more) questions can establish a major headache for project managers. Do they sound familiar to you? Read the answers to the above questions and learn how to take the headache out of your migration to Microsoft 365 by reading our latest white paper.
You’ll find out that migrating to Office 365 doesn’t have to be difficult at all.


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