Migrating from Documentum to SharePoint Online: An Introduction (+ demo)

by Alvaro Trujillo, on Sep 8, 2023 3:46:24 PM


In the rapidly evolving landscape of content management, the transition from legacy systems like Documentum to more modern platforms like SharePoint Online has emerged as an important strategy for businesses to consolidate their data and unlock new features unique to specific content management systems. This article will explore the driving forces behind this migration trend, the challenges that arise during the process, and the mechanics of the migration journey. 

Next to our exploration, you'll find a comprehensive demo video where we use our migration platform to run a simulated migration. This video serves as your visual guide through the migration process, offering valuable insights to enhance your understanding of the concepts under discussion. 

Why businesses migrate

Businesses today are embracing modernization to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and adapt to the demands of a digitally connected world. Legacy systems like Documentum, while once fitting solutions, often fall short in providing the agility and collaborative capabilities that modern enterprises require. The migration to SharePoint Online tackles these limitations, offering cloud-based versatility, robust collaboration tools, and integration with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Challenges in migration

Migrating from Documentum to SharePoint Online presents many challenges, primarily stemming from the fundamental differences between the two platforms. These differences include data structures, content and metadata schemas, and integration complexities. Overcoming these challenges requires careful planning, technical skills, and strategic execution. 

Navigating the migration process and strategic use of Xill4

At the heart of the migration process lies a thorough understanding of the Documentum architecture, characterized by its organizational units known as "cabinets." Cabinets house files, folders, their associated metadata, and other Documentum content types. The migration journey unfolds in three stages: extraction, transformation, and loading. Xillio's migration platform plays a pivotal role in executing each of these stages. The extracted data finds its temporary home in our Unified Content Store, a Mongo (NoSQL) database that facilitates visualizing the migration data. Xillio's Insights dashboards complements this, offering critical insights into metrics of the metadata that drive informed decision-making for clients. 


The measure of success

A successful migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online is marked by the seamless transition of data, preservation of data integrity, and minimal disruption to business operations. Users should experience a continuity of access and functionality, facilitating uninterrupted workflows.

Single effort or collaborative approach?

The decision to undertake a migration independently or to seek a partner's expertise depends on various factors. While internal teams might opt for an independent approach, the complexities of the migration, its integration, and optimization often warrant the involvement of a partner. Xillio's experience, specialized tools, and proven methodologies position it as a valuable migration ally. 

Liberate your content with Xillio

Xillio's value proposition as a migration partner lies in our comprehensive approach. Beyond technical prowess, Xillio offers strategic guidance and insights. The Xill4 tool streamlines the complex migration process, from extraction to transformation, while the Insights dashboards illuminate critical metrics for decision-making. This multifaceted approach ensures a seamless migration journey.

Ready to liberate your content? 

Reach out for expert guidance, seamless solutions, and an overall successful migration! 


The migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online signifies a transformative shift in content management strategies. Businesses recognize the importance of embracing modern platforms to drive efficiency and collaboration. The migration journey, complex as it may be, is navigable with the right partner. Xillio's expertise, technical acumen, and commitment to seamless migration solidify its position as a trusted ally in this voyage toward modernization. Want to learn more about Xillio’s solutions? Reach out!

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