Automated Content Migration in 2017

Content migration is a challenge for any organization that wants to update their website, wants to replace their content management system with a new CMS, or want to replace an outdated DMS and implement a new content storage system.

Whatever the circumstances, content migration can result in a costly and long-term process if the right knowledge is not present or the appropriate migration tool isn’t used.

A method to consistently migrating content from one platform to another is automated migration. Especially with large amounts of content (e.g., more than 10,000 web pages or several terabyte of documents), automated migration is the only successful solution. Additionally, an automated migration, when properly set up, can contribute to more consistent quality of content than when it is done manually.

Migration Projects
In recent months, Xillio's consultants have carried out various migration projects worldwide. The most recent projects are:

  • Migration from Documentum to OpenText
  • Migration of Oracle Web Center Content to FileNet
  • Migration from Oracle Web Center Content to Alfresco
  • File share migration to FileNet
  • HP TRIM to SharePoint
  • SharePoint and file share migration to SharePoint 2013
  • Upgrade to Drupal 8
  • Tridion migration to Adobe Experience Manager

In addition, we have recently seen many organizations -- especially governmental -- that plan to replace an outdated implementation of a DMS (e.g. eDocs, Decos, LiveLink, Documentum, FileNet, Docbase, Verseon). One of the most important challenges in this respect is to handle the documents that need to be archived, that need to be kept a long period of time, unlocked, or deleted after several years or can never be deleted. When transferring these retention and destruction periods to the new system, our migration tool also will help you out.


Migrate Hummingbird, Livelink, SharePoint and file shares

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