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Best practices to upgrade and migrate Drupal website content

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Migration to/from Drupal CMS

Migrating your Drupal site?

Are you upgrading your current web content management system? Do you wish to migrate your web pages and metadata to Drupal CMS, or from Drupal to Wordpress for instance? There are several ways to approach this web content migration. Depending on the size of your website and the time and resources required, you could consider doing a manual migration. However, if your site is far complex or quite large you could automate the migration. 

Connecting with Drupal's content can be done in different ways. Drupal provides the standard migration module. The Drupal connector developed by Xillio, however, goes beyond the standard migration functionality offered by Drupal.

Upgrading your Drupal system?

Our connector transforms all data (e.g. pages and content types) from the source system and stores it in the unified content model. Thereafter, the data is imported from our unified content model into the target system, whether it be Drupal or another web content management system (WCM). This makes your website migration a piece of cake.  

Key features of the Xillio Drupal migration:

  • Easy import to and export between Drupal
  • Supports all data, content types, pages, etc.
  • Easy import in any new WCM system
  • Suitable for Drupal versions 2.6, 2.8 - 8.x

Upgrade to Drupal 9
Drupal 9 is coming soon. Do you want to migrate your current WCM to this new version of Drupal, or do you want to upgrade your Drupal installation to the newest version? Xillio knows the drill. 

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Standard functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • content structure
    • Site structure (menu/navigation)
    • Pages
    • Metadata
    • SEO information
    • Versions
    • Components
    • Internal relations
    • External links
    • Images, videos, and other media
  • Combine with analytics
  • Transfer translations
  • Transfer localized content
  • Recognition of duplicates
  • Restructuring of content
  • Combine of split components
  • Reconstructing of internal links
  • Conversion of media formats
  • No downtime                                                                                                    

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Plug-ins
    • Taxonomy
    • Media (files)
    • Content
    • Fields
    • Content types                                                                                  

Supported versions

  • Fit for versions 8.x until 9.x                                                                      

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