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Migration to/from Drupal CMS

Migrating your site to Drupal?

Are you moving to Drupal? Depending on the size of your website and the time and resources required, you could consider doing a manual migration. However, if your site is complex or quite large you could automate the migration. 

Xillio can help you to migrate your content from any content management system or an older version of Drupal. Typically, content migrations are not easy at all. It is not just about copying and pasting a couple of pages. You have to make sure links still work, the old page components fit in the new page structure and historic information such as editors, dates and versions come across accordingly. And you want take in account images, translations and maybe permissions. All in all, if you are facing a content migration, consider Xillio as your migration partner.

Upgrading to Drupal 9?

Drupal provides a standard migration module. The Drupal connector developed by Xillio, however, goes beyond the standard migration functionality offered by Drupal.

logo-Drupal-AcquiaOur connector exports all data (e.g. structure and metadata) from the source system and stores it in the Xillio data model and transformed to the correct data model. Thereafter, the data is imported from data model into the target system, whether it be Drupal or another web content management system.

As Acquia’s migration go-to partner, we can move website content and data from content management systems to Drupal 9 faster than traditional replatforming projects. 


Automated migration from TYPO3 to Drupal

Erasmus University Rotterdam recently moved its outdated website to Drupal after its previous content management system had reached the limits of its capabilities. The project had to be fast-tracked due to security issues, so the University had less than nine months to complete it.

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Start by understanding what you have

As a starting point of each migration, we extract the content, metadata and structure into Xillio Insights, our content dashboard. The visualizations, easy-to-use filters and reports help you to understand your current environment and enable you to make data-driven migration decisions.

Insights into Drupal content


Key features of the Xillio Drupal migration:

  • Easy export and import of content with our CMS connectors
  • Migration from any CMS is supported (e.g. Typo3, SDL/Tridion, Bloomreach, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager and many more)
  • Transformation of exported data to meet requirements of target system
  • Assessment of your current structure and data with Xillio Insights to determine scope
  • Supports all data, content types, pages, structures, templates, links, keywords, schema’s and many more
  • Support cleaning of content and data set (e.g. duplicate content and component)
  • Suitable for Drupal versions 2.6, 2.8 - 9.x
  • Easy upgrade to Drupal 9

How it works?

In this video, we demonstrate a content migration from Adobe Experience Manager to Drupal, including how we use Xillio Insights to analyze the exported content and make decisions for the final migration.

Standard functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • content structure
    • Site structure (menu/navigation)
    • Pages
    • Metadata
    • SEO information
    • Versions
    • Components
    • Internal relations
    • External links
    • Images, videos, and other media
  • Combine with analytics
  • Transfer translations
  • Transfer localized content
  • Recognition of duplicates
  • Restructuring of content
  • Combine of split components
  • Reconstructing of internal links
  • Conversion of media formats
  • No downtime                                                                                                    

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Plug-ins
    • Taxonomy
    • Media (files)
    • Content
    • Fields
    • Content types                                                                                  

Supported versions

  • Fit for versions 8.x until 9.x                                                                      

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