Migrate from HP TRIM ECM legacy

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HPTrim Micro Focus Content Manager Migration Integration

Migrate content from HP TRIM

Let's say you wish to migrate your legacy HP TRIM (formerly known as HP Records Manager and HP Content Manager and now Micro Focus Content Manager) environment with documents, records, and images to SharePoint or Office 365 because it no longer meets your organizational requirements. 

This might be a big step and the start of a complex process, as HP TRIM is a fully functioning, proven document and records management solution, while your target system had little or no Records Management functionality.

Fortunately, Xillio provides an efficient, cost-effective solution and experienced consultants to help you migrate content from HP TRIM to any other content repository, even SharePoint. During this automated content migration, Xillio makes sure that all vital components that come with a record are migrated (e.g. documents, workflows, metadata, versioning) for audit trails and security. You get exactly what you need without the hassle of doing it yourself!

Migrating HP TRIM to SharePoint Online

Not convinced that we can get all your HP TRIM or Micro Focus Content Manager content out and move it to a new enterprise content system, like SharePoint Online? Need killer tips to help you with your HP TRIM content migration to SharePoint? In our latests HP TRIM webinar, we showed how to easily migrate content from HP TRIM to SharePoint Online and Office 365. 

You will learn:

  • How much time and effort it takes for you as an organization;
  • How you can make the project controllable and predictable;
  • Why there are risks in manual migrations or lift-and-shift migrations.

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Migrating content from a legacy ECM

This white paper explores one indispensable first step towards creating a coherent content landscape: migrating content from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system towards a system that helps rather than hinders your business objectives.

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Standard functionality

  • Import and export of files, folders, versions, value  lists, permissions, system data, and metadata;
  • Restructuring of metadata;
  • Metadata enrichment based on business rules;
  • Mapping of metadata models;
  • Migration rules based on data, context, and text in documents;
  • Extensive report and migration audit trail.

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of records (file folders and documents)

Supported versions

  • Version 7.x
  • Version 8.x
  • Version 9.x (Micro Focus Content Manager rebrand)
Migration of HP TRIM Content Manager to SharePoint
Migrate HP TRIM to SharePoint
3 min
Content from multiple source systems (Hummingbird, LiveLink, SharePoint 2010 and file shares) to new ECM
Migration from multiple legacy ECM systems

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