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What Makes Us Unique
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What Makes Us Unique

At Xillio you’ll join a highly ambitious company on a global mission to change the data migration landscape for good. We pride ourselves on our core values: Passion, Agility, Team Spirit, Openness, and Integrity. Every individual in our diverse and international team contributes their own qualities and drive, making Xillio a unique and great place to work and develop.  

Life at Xillio

In the video, we show you what is the vibe of working at Xillio, what is the culture that we are proud of, and what does it mean to become a part of Xillio for everyone. There is much more fun, excitement, and wonderfulness happening in this beautiful villa than a two-minute video can describe. Join us now and let's experience together!

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Team's Voice

Working at Xillio means being part of a safe, open and honest working environment where you can make mistakes and learn from them. Youre part of an informal and motivated team supporting each other in facing challenges, while also celebrating victories together. This culture makes Xillio a unique, enjoyable workplace where everyone can develop to their fullest potential. 

I feel blessed that I get to keep developing my coding skills, learning more about content management while on the other hand, I get to work with people, balancing two things I love doing.”

Anne Raaijman

Project Management Officer
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“We deliver quality and innovative work. We do this by working as a team that is open, mindful; having room to learn, have fun and own our work, while being organized and efficient.”

Alejandro Soto Castro

Software Engineer
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“One of the things that I like the most about the company is that it feels like a family, where everyone is welcome, valued & respected. Everyone is very easily approachable, it feels like we are all and the same level, including our CEO and CFO.”

Kamil Beeli de Belfort

Migration Engineer
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We Know How to Have Fun

Not only do we know how to work, but we also know how to have fun!

Can't wait for you to join our next company trip!
Alert: This is NOT a boys' trip
We can't resist the beer!
Personal skiing lessons from the CEO!

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