Application Rationalization

Pay attention to content and data

Xillio for application rationalization

A merger, takeover or centralization of business units often has a major impact on the application landscape of the organizations involved. In addition to efficiency in the use of the application, complexity reduction, reduced risk of data breaches, the main reasons for launching a rationalization program is cost savings on licenses, management, support and hardware.

Often, application rationalization are large programs that are driven by application portfolio management, with the emphasis on ensuring that the business retains the right functionality and possibilities.

The correct approach and use of software make these large programs more manageable and controllable.

Analysis and inventory

The complexity of rationalizing lays primarily in determining the size of the project. In addition to an inventory from users and processes, it is essential to analyze the data and content of the applications. Using standard extraction connectors of the Xillio software, the data can be quickly transferred to a central environment.

Via a dashboard it is then possible to quickly gain insight into the quantity and quality of the data from the various applications, so that a well-founded migration plan can be made.

Then it is important to transfer the (valuable) data and content to the chosen application / content management system. Xillio follows a standard migration approach. Selection rules determine which data is or is not included, through transformation the data is made suitable for the new data model and value can be added through enrichment techniques.

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