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From Documentum to Alfresco: get the best there is

Content stored in Documentum are critical to your organization. During a migration, you want to make sure that all or only a chosen selection of documents are migrated to a different solution without any impact on your business or to the integrity of the documents.

When it comes to expertise or experience in content migration, Xillio stands head and shoulders above the competition. And our experts have a proven methodology and technology to make your migration from Documentum to Alfresco pain-free and successful!

Uniform content model

The core of our migration software and services is the unified data model that ensures that content models have the same, uniform format that makes content easily transportable. Furthermore, we have built a complete and efficient connector for both Documentum and Alfresco, that can extract and import all required content  

Thanks to our flexibility, you can choose to migrate all content, enriched content (e.g., by adding metadata), deduplicate content, or migrate only ‘active’ content. Older content is easily retained in your legacy system for archiving purposes.

Tips & Tricks for a migration to Alfresco

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Migrate from Documentum to Alfresco

In this English video we demonstrate how we can easily migrate content from EMC Documentum to your new Alfresco installation with our migration tooling.

How to migrate data and content from a legeacy Documentum environment to Alfresco. Watch the video.

Want to migrate Documentum to SharePoint Online?

Learn about our migration approach and Documentum repository analytics tool, Insights.

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