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Why become a Xillio partner?

Xillio is a leading software and services provider in the content services space and offers solutions for different types of partners. For example, we do a lot of business with system integrators and implementation parties that encounter many content migrations. This can be either in a hybrid setup, completely done by you or completely done by us. We also have many partners that have build a migration practice allowing them to grow their business and convert migrations into profit centers. Because of the extensive connectors and functionality, Xillio is a one-stop-shop for these partners for all their content and data migrations.

In addition, the Xillio API is used by software companies to strengthen their proposition with connectivity to all those systems for which Xillio has connectors, often in an OEM construction. An example of this is SDL. 


Thomas Labarthe, Chief Revenue Officer at SDL, about the value of the partnership with Xillio.

Our partners

Below you will find a selection of our partners. We are always looking for business partners that share our vision to break down silos, free content and unlock the value of content.

SDL partners with Xillio
Xillio partner The Migration Company

Partnering with Xillio LocHub means that we can support customers through every stage of the content lifecycle, from technology implementation, through authoring, localization and content analytics, across all of their repositories.

Marcus Casal,  Amplexor VP Content Technology Solutions

We already had a Xillio SharePoint connector set up and added Dropbox, Google Drive and OpenText Content Server as content sources within a day for an important customer demonstration. I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to use the native APIs but I suspect we would be measuring the timescales in months not hours.

John Tilbury, Preservica CTO

Xillio enables Astral to deliver more robust migration services to their enterprise customers with a standard approach, regardless of the content repository.  Driving efficiency across large complex migration requirements.

Jan Krist,  Astral  Enterprise Information Management Consultant

Xillio for consultancy firms

The growing amount of content has a major impact on the information architecture of companies and on the realization of their objectives regarding digital transformation. Many are engaged in consolidation and rationalization processes, but have difficulty realizing these potentially unpredictable projects within time and budget.

With the support of Xillio's proven migration and rationalization solution, a growing set of connectors and extensive support, you have the guarantee that you can turn these projects with your customers into profitable and reliable projects. 

Xillio for software vendors

Xillio solutions are used by software companies worldwide to improve their connector proposition. It is a Buy or Build decision. We understand that and are organized like that. We do not only offer "just connectors" but we offer also adjacent services like last mile configuration, pre-sales support, sales training and second line support.

We also offer services to develop new connectors on demand with a guaranteed delivery time and for a fixed price. Partnering with Xillio allows your sales organization to say YES to any connector request.

We have improved the connector story of companies in the following categories: Translation, Content Analytics, Content Archiving, BPM, RPA, Content Mashups, Federated ECM, Federated Record Mngt, File Analysis, Information Governance.

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