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Migrate from any source to SharePoint Online

Usually, different employees in an organization use different ways to manage versions of files, or creating metadata. In addition, the organization as a whole may lack a policy regarding how to clean up or delete files. Because of these problems, there is no uniform methodology, and file shares have become polluted over time. This makes the content migration of file shares to SharePoint Online / Office 365 very complex.

After an extensive analysis of the content collections on your file shares, Xillio provides intelligent migration tools to enrich content by improving metadata, classifying content, by applying versioning (e.g. different versions of documents are 'stacked' in SharePoint) and de-duplicating documents. This way, only valuable content is migrated to your new collaboration environment.

Because of our experience with multiple SharePoint migrations, we have gained best practices and practical knowledge that guarantee that your upgrade or migration project is not an expensive or a lengthy process.

We support migrating from any source system, are fast and efficient.Does your content migration involve a different source system or version of SharePoint? No worries. Xillio supports content migrations to and from any content system. For example, think of:

Integrating SharePoint with other systems

There are several scenarios for integrating SharePoint with other applications:

  • Business applications access content stored in SharePoint
  • SharePoint is used as a front end to access content stored in other systems
  • Combining content integration with content migration

The first scenario uses the Xillio Cloud API to provide programmatic access to SharePoint content. 

The second scenario is shown in the video below. We created a SharePoint add-in to allow users to browse any content repository exposed through Xillio.

SharePoint add-in for content integration with any content repository


The third scenario is hybrid and provides flexibility to IT managers that need to consolidate their SharePoint environments, but need more time to migrate all of their systems. 

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Automatic migration of file share to Sharepoint Online

At Dutch water company PWN, we did a file share analysis and a controlled and automated migration of the file shares to SharePoint Online based on selection and enrichment rules. Project leader Laura Blom tells about her experiences with Xillio.

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3 min

Standard functionality

  • Import and export of files, folders, versions, value  lists, permissions, system data, and metadata;
  • Restructuring of metadata;
  • Metadata enrichment based on business rules;
  • Mapping of metadata models;
  • Migration rules based on data, context, and text in documents;
  • Extensive report and migration audit trail.

System-specific functionality

  • Migrate:
    • large numbers via Microsoft Migration API, up to 10 TB per day
    • Lists (list items)
    • Original editor / author
    • Original creation date
    • Original last modification date
    • wiki pages
  • Managed metadata fields
  • Automatic creation of sites, subsites and libraries
  • Preservation of original version numbering (major / minor)
  • Migration to Onedrive
  • Migration to Teams

Supported versions

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online / Office365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneDrive                                                                                    

HP TRIM to SharePoint Online

This demo video shows how we perform a migration of content from HP TRIM to SharePoint Online.

Example of a migration of HP TRIM to SharePoint Online

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