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Migrating your WCM Platform

Are you on the eve of a content migration or have you just found out that your editors could use some help? Xillio has the right software, knowledge and people to help you out. In the past 15 years, we have migrated to and from dozens of content management systems and websites. We are not scared of them anymore. We know how we get your editors to like a website migration.

The time that, during a website migration, everything is transferred 1-on-1 is far behind us. Migrations are increasingly being used to review current content, rewrite content and only transfer relevant content.

Thanks to Xillio you can gain insight into and control over your current situation and you can take the right, substantiated decisions based on these reports. The impact on numbers and approach of each decision is immediately shown.

Automate repetitive tasks

Our goal during a website migration is to automate repetitive tasks as much as possible so that your editors can concentrate on rewriting and qualitatively improving the content. Repetitive work included not only the transfer of content, metadata and relationships, but also of:

  • Preparation of structure, empty pages to support editors
  • Performing migration to test functionality in a early stage
  • Generate all kinds of reports such as duplicate content, non-linked content, used image formats, use of templates and more.

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Supported systems

The past 15 years, we have migrated to and from dozens of web content management systems. The systems that we have encountered most are listed below. Do you have a specific question about your system or do you miss one in the list? Feel free to let us know.

drupal migration
Wordpress migration
Bloomreach migrations
typo3 cms migration
umbraco cms migrations
Episerver migrations
sitecore cms migration
Migrating your Wordpress site
Migrate from SDL Tridion
oracle webcenter content migration
Liferay CMS content migration
mediawiki migration

Migrating successfully

We have carried out hundreds of web migrations over the past 15 years. The knowledge and experience we have gained has led to the approach that makes migrations controllable and predictable.

Based on this detailed step-by-step plan, this white paper provides you with tools and tips to successfully migrate your web content management system.


We have successfully completed a migration with these customers

Xillio has successfully carried out hundreds of website / WCM migrations at large multinationals, small businesses, universities and government institutions. For example, we have migrated the websites of 14 Dutch ministries to the centralized platform. Here are a few of our succes stories. Read all customer cases here.


Migration TYPO3 to Drupal CMS

Migration TYPO3 to Drupal

We migrated all content from Erasmus University Rotterdam from TYPO3 to the new CMS Drupal.

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Migration website from a custom CMS and Lotus Notes

Custom CMS and Lotus Notes to new environment

At Lenovo, we consolidated the two management systems into one centralized web content management (WCM) system based on TeamSite.

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Migration of many CMS websites to new Hippo

14 Websites to one central CMS

We migrated 14 internet sites from the Dutch ministries to one central internet site, Without freezing the content.

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