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Best practices to migrate file shares to a new ECM-system

In many cases, each employee within an organization uses their own methodology or process for managing versions of files, or creating metadata. In addition, the organization as a whole may lack a policy regarding how to clean up or delete files. Because of these problems, there is no uniform methodology, and file shares have become polluted over time. This makes the content migration of file shares to SharePoint Online or Office 365 very complex.

One of the main reasons for a SharePoint content migration and / orOffice 365 is that these environments are easier to search and find relevant content than file shares.

To optimize the findability of documents, Xillio's migration solutions focus on transforming, clean-up and enriching content.

Enrich content during the migration process

In addition to determining valuable content, for example by duplicating the system data or using it for selection, Xillio also ensures better findability and manageability in the new system. The starting point of Xillio for every migration is to add value, for example by restructuring or adding metadata via various smart techniques. This results in improved acceptance of the new system and makes migration a possibility to improve, where it is usually considered a necessary evil.

After an extensive analysis of the content collections on your file shares, Xillio provides intelligent migration tools and services to enrich content by improving metadata, classifying content, by applying versioning (e.g. different versions of documents are 'stacked' in SharePoint) and de-duplicating documents. This way, only valuable content is migrated to your new collaboration environment.


Examples of migrations from file share

Xillio supports content migrations to and from any source and target system. Below are a number of examples of Dutch projects where we have migrated content on network drives to SharePoint. For other projects you can take a look at our customer page.

Migration file share to SharePoint Online

Automated migration of file share to SharePoint Online

PWN exchanged the manual migration of file shares to SharePoint for automated use of Xillio.

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Migrate from multiple ECM systems to SharePoint

Migration from multiple source systems to SharePoint

At this government agency, we migrated content from multiple source systems (Hummingbird, LiveLink, SharePoint 2010 and file shares) to a new SharePoint environment.

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Source:, Rijkswaterstaat / Henk Roolvink

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