Migrate from Documentum to SharePoint Online

Or transfer content to Microsoft Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, Records Center or Azure Files

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Move content to SharePoint Online, Teams, Records Center or Azure Files

Many organizations are moving their content out of Documentum. The most popular migration combination we see, is a migration in which we move Documentum content and metadata to the cloud collaboration solution Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365). During this migration, content is often migrated to SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, Records Center or Azure Files. If you're not looking for a Microsoft solution, Xillio can also assist in a content migration from Documentum to OpenText or Documentum to Alfresco. 

Mapping and restructuring of Documentum

Whether you're planning on migrating the content yourself or to outsource the migration, it is important that the Documentum documents and metadata end up in Office 365 correctly.

SharePoint Online has a different structure than Documentum, so mapping and restructuring is required. SharePoint, for example, contains site collections, sites, libraries, lists, and list items where Documentum uses cabinets, folders, and documents. Having a partner who has the expertise and experience with these challenges, can save you a lot of time. 

The right experience and tools to deal with specific challenges

When it comes to Documentum, the Xillio migration tool and Documentum connector support the migration of the following specific challenges:
  • Earlier versions of Document, pre SOAP or REST API
  • Major, and minor document versions and branching of versions
  • Document renditions
  • Virtual documents
  • Documentum object links
  • Documents with multiple parents
Our experienced consultants have seen all possible migration scenarios and can help you make the right Office 365 implementation and configuration choices. They make the difference between project success and failure.

Get insights into Documentum content

At Xillio, we believe the key to a successful migration lies in the preparation phase. A properly prepared migration, starts once you know what content you have, where it is stored and what you do (and do not) want to migrate. With the Xillio Insights tool, you can analyze your Documentum content, make data-driven migration decisions and prepare your migration to the fullest. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Xillio Insights for Documentum.

Watch in action

In this video, we present a brief overview of the migration process from OpenText Documentum to SharePoint Online. Our expert explains how to use our latest tool Xill4 to extract data, use Xillio Insights to analyze the extracted information, and demonstrate how the data transformation can fit the SharePoint environment.



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