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Microsoft MVP - Highlights from Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference Orlando 

Microsoft MVPs and Conference Speakers  Jeff Willinger and  Ryan Schouten from our Xillio Americas team were live in Orlando. Jeff and Ryan will discuss the hottest conference topics, the newest developments with the MS365 roadmap, and more news “from the street” about Viva, Compliance Center, SharePoint Syntex, and more. 

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Webinar: Are These 5 Myths Blocking You From Accelerating Your Digital Workplace Strategy?

In the webinar, experts Alistair Pugin, Rob Aaldijk and Jeff Williger discussed common myths that keep organizations tied to legacy or on-prem architectures and prevent them from modernizing their digital workplace strategy. 

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MVP webinar with Darrell Webster

Webinar: Change Management and Microsoft 365: What You Need To Know  

Alistar Pugin and Darrell Webster discuss the key change management principles you need to know when moving to Microsoft 365.

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MVP webinar with Loryan- resource copy

Webinar: Top Tips & Best Practices to Ensure a Successful Migration to Microsoft 365

Alistair Pugin and Loryan Strant discuss migration challenges and give you tips and best practices to ensure a successful migration.

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Migration to SharePoint Online in Finance 

Xillio was selected to run the content migration of Documentum-D2 (their document management and collaboration solution). As part of the project scope, Xillio migrated two Documentum systems (Oslobors and VPS) to Euronext’s Microsoft 365 environment.  

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Round table: Project Cortex essentials

Design an information architecture and governance framework for Project Cortex

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Migrate Opentext CS to SP online

Demo: Migration from OpenText to SharePoint online with Insight

We demonstrate a customised migration from OpenText to SharePoint online with Insight.

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content redirection service

Demo: Xillio content redirection service

How do we make sure that the links and references to the old ECM system remain functional after a migration.

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Webinar Demystify Complex Migrations

Webinar: Demystify Complex Migrations

Simon Denton explains the steps Mott MacDonald took to get 300+ terabytes into SharePoint Online and Azure and how Project Cortex is being used to extract value from the migrated content.

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all you need to know about Project Cortex

Webinar: All you need to know about Project Cortex

Join the Microsoft Project Cortex Product Team in this webinar that answers all your questions about Project Cortex.

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Webinar: Migrate From Documentum to Microsoft 365

During this webinar, we guide you through every step of a legacy OpenText Documentum migration to Microsoft 365 and show you a live migration.

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Challenges when migrating Microsoft 365

There are challenges that keep you from moving to the new way of working. Let’s have a look at them in this white paper..

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Webinar recording Migrate content to SharePoint Online in Education

Webinar: Migrate content to SharePoint Online in Education

We see that many educational institutions are embracing the opportunity of working with Office 365.  Learn how to easily migrate your content.

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Migration to Office 365 in education

Migration to Office 365 in education

Xillio assisted Avans University of Applied Sciences with a stepwise migration of 22 academies from Xythos, Corsa and file shares to SharePoint Online and Office365. 

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Webinar migrate to SharePoint Online

Webinar: Migrate to SharePoint Online Under Pressure

Your 'future' plan to move to Office365, might have become today's urgent reality due to the Corona outbreak. Learn how to migrate to SharePoint fast and efficient.

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migrate edocs content to sharepoint

eDOCS to SharePoint Online

We demonstrate the migration of eDOCS content to a new SharePoint Online environment. 

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Migrating legacy ECM systems

What are the pitfalls when migrating data from legacy ECM systems?

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How to do a WCM website content migration?

6 Steps to a successful WCM migration

You learn how to successfully manage web content management systems (WCM) migration.

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Migration of Oracle to Alfresco

Migration Oracle WCC to Alfresco

At the state of Alaska we analyzed the file shares and did an automated content migration from Oracle WebCenter Content to Alfresco in a very short period of time.

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What is the ROI of a content migration?

ROI Content Migration

Which factors determine the ROI of content migrations?

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Import files into Alfresco

Import into Alfresco

Our connector easily imports files and documents into Alfresco.

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Migrate Livelink to SharePoint Online

Migration of a legacy Livelink ECM to SharePoint Online.

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Introduction to Xillio Insights

Learn about the possibilities of Xillio Insights. It helps to know which content you have, understand your content and facilitate data-driven decision making for cleaning up and migrating your data.

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Migration from Livelink ECM to Alfresco

Livelink to Alfresco migration

In this video, we demonstrate the migration from a Livelink environment to Alfresco.

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Migrate network drives to SharePoint Online Office365

From file shares to SharePoint Online

At PWN we did an analysis of the file share and an automated migration of file share to SharePoint / Office365

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Migration from FileNet to Box including documents

Migration FileNet to Box

Demo video of a migration from IBM FileNet to Box.

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HP TRIM Content Manager to SharePoint Online

HP TRIM to SharePoint Online

Demo video of a content migration from HP Content Manager (HP TRIM) to SharePoint Online.

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Extract data from OpenText Livelink

Extract files and folders from Livelink ECM

Demo video about extracting folders and files from Livelink ECM.

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Xillio API Introduction

Introduction of Xillio API

Our API for content integration can connect to all content repositories, making content available everywhere.

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Migrate Documentum ECM to Sharepoint Online

Migration of Documentum to SharePoint Online

A demo of migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online.

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Migration of Documentum to Box

Migration as a Service: from Documentum to Box

In this video, MaaS from Documentum to Box is demonstrated.

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AIIM Webinar Office365 and SharePoint

Webinar: AIIM & Xillio - Office 365 en SharePoint

Aiim and Xillio Webinar about safely moving content to office 365 / SharePoint from any source system.

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Liferay integration with other content repositories

Liferay integration

We show how Liferay can be integrated with external content sources thank to our API

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Integrate SDL with content systems

Integration with SDL for translation

Integration between our API and SDL for improving workflows in the translation industry.

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Migrate Documentum to Opentext

Migrate EMC Documentum to OpenText

Migrate a legacy Documentum environment to OpenText. How do you do that? We show it.

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Content integration strategy white paper

Content Migration Strategy

Why content is the next stop in your digital journey.

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How does the Xillio API for content integration work?

Deepdive into integration API

Deep-dive in our content integration API, especially for ISVs

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Migration from custom CMS to Hippo Bloomreach

Migration to

16 websites migrate to one new CMS system based on Hippo. We did it for the Dutch government.

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Migration from TYPO3 website to Drupal

Migration from TYPO3 website to Drupal

At Erasmus University we did a migration from TYPO3 to Drupal. The content and mapping of the system was migrated.

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Automatically add metadata to ECM

Automatically add metadata

After automatically adding the metadata and classification, users can find the documents much faster at KWR.

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Gartner Cloud Migration Rapport

Gartner Report

How to Evaluate Integrators' Cloud Office Migration Proposals'

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When should you migrate content to the cloud

AIIM Tip sheet - Migration to the Cloud

3 direct considerations when migrating content to the cloud.

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5 ways to do a content migration

Content Migration Approaches

5 Ways to get started with consolidating and migrating content.

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Migration from custom CMS to TeamSite

Migration custom CMS to TeamSite

The aim of this Xillio project at Lenovo was to consolidate the two Content Management Systems (CMSs) into one central WCM system based on TeamSite.

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AIIM Tip sheet - Migration Question

How should you approach the question about content migration? Read the AIIM tipsheet.

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AIIM Tip sheet - Content Migration

5 Different ideas and approaches regarding content migration.

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AIIM Tip sheet - Content Integration

3 Things that organizations should know about content integration according to AIIM.

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The content management market is changing

The future of Content

This white paper provides insight into current trends in content management.

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Tips for content ECM migrations

Tips content migration

5 indispensable tips to make your content migration project a success.

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40 inzichten van kwaliteit netwerkschijven

40 File share Insights

How do you gain insight into the files on your network drives?

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AIIM ebook

AIIM eBook - Content modernization

In this ebook, we take a look at how to get it all under control by rethinking your approach to content integration

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Migration From Legacy ECM To Microsoft 365 Supports

Xillio uccessfully moved 240 TB of legacy content to Microsoft 365 and Azure, provided a solution for future content migrations

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Migration ColdFusion to Hippo Bloomreach

Migration CMS to Hippo / Bloomreach

Xillio performed the automatic migration from Coldfusion to Hippo for the University of Amsterdam and enriched documents with accurate metadata during the migration.

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Migration of CMS website content FatWire

Website migration of FatWire CMS

The NS website based on FatWire Content Server was outdated and had to be migrated. Xillio developed an adapted import tool to import data into Hippo.

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Migrate content from multiple source systems Hummingbird, LiveLink, SharePoint 2010 and file shares

Migrate content from multiple source systems

For a Dutch government agency, we migrated content from multiple source systems (Hummingbird, LiveLink, SharePoint 2010 and file shares).

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Source:, Rijkswaterstaat / Henk Roolvink

Transfer data from SharePoint to Salesforce

Transfer data from SharePoint to Salesforce

Migrate data and documents from a database and SharePoint to Salesforce.

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file share analysis tools

Doing a File share analysis

Xillio performs an extensive file share analysis and generates a report.

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Documentum import connector

Documentum data import

In this video, we demonstrate the Documentum import connector.

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Migrate Documentum to Alfresco

Migrate Documentum to Alfresco

Migrate your data and content from an outdated Documentum installation to Alfresco ECM.

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Export of data and content from Alfresco

Alfresco export connector

Learn how content and data can be exported from Alfresco with this standard connector.

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Import data into new SharePoint

Import data into SharePoint

Easy import of content and data into SharePoint.

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Export of data and content from Nuxeo

Migrate documents from Nuxeo repository

Export content and metadata from Nuxeo for migration.

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Extract data out of Adobe Experience Manager

Migrate files from Adobe Experience Manager

Learn how to export content, data and media from Adobe.

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File share to Sharepoint Office 365 migration

Migrate file share(s) to SharePoint

Automatic migration of file shares and network drives to SharePoint / Office365.

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Export data and files from FileNet for migration

Export data out of FileNet

Transport content and data from FileNet to another CMS with minimal effort.

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Migration of AEM to Drupal

Migrate Adobe Experience Manager to Drupal

Example of a WCM migration. In this case a migration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content and metadata to Drupal. 

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Import data into Hadoop HDFS

Import into Hadoop

This connector imports data to Hadoop Distributed File System.

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Quickly import data into OpenText

Quick import into OpenText Content Server

We show how the OpenText import connector imports data into OpenText CS.

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Export content out of OpenText Content Server

Export OpenText content to new ECM

We show how we export data and content from OpenText to another ECM system.

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Export data out of Drupal CMS

Quickly and easily export from Drupal

Out-of-the-box export connector to export content and metadata from Drupal to another site.

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Migration from Documentum to Nuxeo

Migration from Documentum to Nuxeo

View how we migrate content and data from Documentum ECM to Nuxeo.

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Migration from Documentum content to M-files

Documentum content to M-files

Migration of Documentum content and metadata to a new M-files environment.

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Import documents easily into Nuxeo

Import documents into Nuxeo

Import content from any content source to the Nuxeo Platform.

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Synchronization between Alfresco and Box

2-way sync Alfresco and Box

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco and Box.

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Synchronize data between Alfresco and Salesforce

Synchronize data between Alfresco and Salesforce

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco and Salesforce.

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Migration of CMS to Hippo Bloomreach

Migration of CMS to Hippo Bloomreach

Xillio built an export connector to extract HTML and created a mapping to identify content types.

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Migration from Alfresco to SharePoint Office365

Migration from Alfresco to SharePoint

Xillio migrated all 600,000 documents from more than 600 sites with document libraries for this healthcare consultancy.

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Killer Tips for Migrating HP TRIM to SharePoint

In this webinar we give you the tips for migrating a legacy ECM to SharePoint Online / Office 365

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Thomas Labarthe SDL about partnership

Thomas Labarthe from SDL talks about the long-standing partnership between Xillio and SDL.

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API for integration between content management systems

Integration example

In this demo, we use M-files as an interface to access content that is stored in SharePoint.

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Migration of Livelink to Office 365

How to migrate your legacy Livelink to Office 365

Join us in our weekly webinar where we guide you through every step of a legacy ECM migration to Office 365.

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migrate OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online

OpenText CS migration to SharePoint Online

Learn how to migrate OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online

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Migrate eDOCS to OpenText Content server

Demo: eDOCS migration to OpenText CS

Finally sunset your legacy eDOCS environment. Learn how to migrate content new OpenText CS instance by first analyzing the data.

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Migrate Mediawiki pages to SPO

Demo: MediaWiki site migration to SharePoint

We demonstrate the process of migrating MediaWiki content to the Wiki library in SharePoint Online. 

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