Convert content out of IBM FileNet P8 for migration to Office 365


In the past years, we have seen an increase in the number of legacy ECM migrations from on-premises document management systems, like IBM FileNet, to cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Office. Do you have a desire to convert all documents out of your legacy FileNet instance to avoid renewing an IBM maintenance agreement? Do you wish to migrate your FileNet content to SharePoint Online?


Migrate IBM FileNet P8 to SharePoint Online

Xillio has many years of experience with migrating content into and out of IBM FileNet P8 and older versions. With our FileNet connector, we can automatically extract all FileNet data (e.g. documents, images, metadata, permissions, security) to be able to understand the quantity and improve the quality (data cleansing and enrichment) of the current content in FileNet.

Xillio’s approach and solution helps determine the mapping and transformation of the source data in order to make it compatible with the new SharePoint metadata model. Importing the data into SharePoint is done with Xillio’s SharePoint connector.

Xillio’s software has been specifically designed to support any content migration from and to any content management system. Packed with smart features and supported by our experienced consultants, our tooling guarantees success and accuracy of any content migration project.

Tips & Trick for a migration to SharePoint Online

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Our experience

In the below video's we show our experience with migrating data and content out of legacy enterprise content management systems. In the first video, our consultants use our tooling to export data out of FileNet. In the second webinar recording we explain how to make a legacy migration happen. 


Export data from FileNet P8

Video: Export data out of FileNet

Xillio developed the IBM FileNet connector to transfer content and data from FileNet with minimal effort to another CMS, or vice versa.

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Webinar recording: Being held back by legacy ECM

In this previous webinar, we tell you how you can migrate content from Legacy ECM systems to modern ECM environments in a manageable and cost-effective manner.

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whitepaper migrating Legacy ECM systems

Whitepaper: Migrating content from a legacy ECM

This white paper explores one indispensable first step towards creating a coherent content landscape: migrating content from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

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