File Share Content Analysis

What content is stored on your file shares? This is essential information prior to a file share migration. Xillio sees a file share analysis as the starting point of every migration project.

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Together with Xillio, we made sure employees benefit from the Microsoft folder and subfolder structure and the user-friendly search function.

Archana Bavaswamy Rao, CPC

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File share content analysis

Do your employees have the freedom to freely store content in various network locations? If so, then your file shares or network drives are most likely polluted with a large volume of Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) content. Research by Xillio shows that an average of 22% of all folders on a file share are empty and over 39% of all files are duplicates

The presence of ROT content on your network can impact the following:

  • Technical features: it creates an unstable network environment;
  • Operational functionalities: leads to poor document availability;
  • Legal guidelines: lack of oversight of highly sensitive documentations, that may lead to being non-compliant with legal guidance and procedurals
  • Resource misallocation: unnecessary storage and maintenances cost, that eventually will increase over time.

What content is stored on file shares?

You most likely do not want to take this pollution into your new content management environment. Xillio offers very extensive file share analysis and reports about the content quantity of your network drives. This gives you insight into which content within your network is redundant, redundant or trivial. Or which content is on your files shares at all.

You can have this file share analysis performed by the IT service provider you want or have the work carried out by the experienced consultants of Xillio.

This input is essential information prior to your file share migration.

More than 40 insights

The default file share report performed by Xillio includes an analysis of, among others:

  • Total in file extensions and size
  • Total with default grouping in file types
  • Top number of largest files
  • Size distribution
  • Size distribution per level 1 folders
  • Distribution file extension per level 1 folders
  • Distribution in last edit date per level 1 folders
  • Mime type with file extension
  • Folder with text
  • Duplicates of content or name
  • Text in filename
  • Total in file types against list of extensions
  • Junk files
  • Tree view per folder

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