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Jeroen Mak


My name is Jeroen Mak and I have been working for Xillio for a few years now. After I graduated from the Hogeschool Windesheim in the spring of 2016 where I studied Engineering, I immediately knew I wanted to land a job in consulting. Before applying at Xillio, I talked to several consultancy firms, but the jobs they offered were mainly technical and didn’t allow me to do what I like most: talking with customers and providing them with the best solution for their situation.  

No programming skills (yet)
As programming was only a very small part of my studies, I wouldn’t call myself a programmer at that time, although I found it very interesting. Through Indeed I came across the vacancy for a Junior Consultant at Xillio. Despite the requirement for programming skills, I still decided to apply.

Xillio invited me for an interview and sent me an assignment to test my programming skills. The test proofed that I had the skills and knowledge to understand the logic of the programming language Xill. The first six weeks after I started working at Xillio in October 2016 consisted of an intensive training.

Working on projects independently
Within only two months I was programming on a real product and was increasingly involved in client implementation projects. Ultimately, I will lead these projects myself. In the future I want to work on more complex projects and want to learn another programming language, such as Java.

Xillio hands you many opportunities to learn and grow. It's up to you (and me) to grab these opportunities and make it a success.

I started working at Xillio in October 2016 and had an intensive training the first six weeks. Without any programming experience, I soon started programming on a real product and I now gradually become more involved in the implementation at customer site.