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Remco Steelink

Senior Consultant

My name is Remco Steelink. I currently work as a senior consultant at Xillio. In this position, I am involved with the implementation of our software at the client site and I do various content migration projects. These are challenging and complex projects and the great thing is that each project is different. It is always a different company and different people.

At customer site
After studying Computer Science, I had no real idea what I wanted to do. I had several job offers, but at Xillio I had the chance to work on site at the customer and thus get a better idea of what I like and not like. Meanwhile, this is 5 years ago!

Variety and diversity
At Xillio I have held several positions. I started as a consultant, I also programmed at the development department and the last project I did, I managed three junior consultants. In short, plenty of variety and diversity. At Xillio you have, beside responsibilities, a lot of freedom. There is a relaxed and casual atmosphere at the office. That is very valuable to me.

Within Xillio I have held several positions. There is plenty of variety and diversity. At Xillio you get, beside responsibilities, also a lot of freedom.