Xillio announces Marc Glomb as Vice President Business Development

San Francisco, January 24, 2017 - Xillio, provider of the Content ETL Platform, has appointed Marc Glomb as vice president of business development. With his new appointment, Marc will be responsible for further developing and exploring new strategic OEM partnerships. Marc will be based at Xillio's San Francisco office as many future OEM partners are located in Silicon Valley.

Marc Glomb

There is a growing awareness in the market that it is not feasible to store all content in a one single content repository. This increases the demand for content integration in the coming years and Xillio will play a leading role in this change. Xillio's API provides the ability to centrally access content from multiple content sources through a single integration point, on-premises, cloud and legacy content management systems.

Marc has made his mark in several business development positions with various, well-known enterprises, such as ZixCorp, Salesforce and EntropySoft. Marc has extensive knowledge of the market and has a proven track record in closing complex OEM deals.

Marc Glomb about his announcement: "This is a great opportunity for me to apply my skills in the field of business development and partner management in a market that needs a solution such as Xillio offers. My focus is on further promoting the value of our platform, such as easy access to business-critical content stored on fragmented content repositories. I look forward to fulfilling the role of vice president of business development together with my colleagues at Xillio.”