Content services

Healthen your content

Garbage in = garbage out

Your organization produces content every day - and a lot of it. Emails, web pages, letters, videos, presentations, spreadsheets are produced more easily than they are consumed. And after a couple of years, nobody remembers what was created a while back, where that content is located, and whether it still is of value to your business.

Any migration that does not clean up some of your legacy is a missed opportunity to improve the quality of your content!

When doing a migration, we are passionate about improving the health of your content landscape. Reducing content pollution means your employees can more easily find what they need, and your customers will find you easier to do business with. Content ETL is a good example of healthening your content.

Xillio provides additional content services and consulting to healthen your content, such as classification and deduplication, mapping of attributes, rule management and reporting. All of these help you to develop a content roadmap and project plan that support your digital transformation.

  • Classification

    Achieve 90% document classification correctness compared to the industry standard of 70%-80%.



  • Deduplication

    Identify the 20%-30% of duplicate content that resides within your content repository and save costs.



  • Analysis

    Identify 25%-40% valuable content, incompliant usage of file shares and  other insights with this analysis.


  • Bulk import

    Migrate from hundreds of thousands to millions of documents, without downtime with bulk import.


  • Privacy sensitive content

    Automated identification and deleting of passport, driver’s license and more privacy sensitive data.


  • Image classification

    Enrich images and photos with image classification. This is based on ‘visual image recognition’.