Add-on functionality

Enhance the quality of your content

Garbage in = garbage out

When doing a migration, we advise you to enhance the quality of your data. Xillio provides prominent add-on functionality for content improvement, such as the classification and deduplication modules. But also functionality for reporting, rule management and mapping.

  • Classification

    Achieve 90% document classification correctness compared to the industry standard of 70-80%.



  • Deduplication

    Identify the 20-30% of duplicate content that resides within your content repository and save costs.



  • Analysis

    Identify 25-40% valuable content, incompliant usage of file shares and many other valuable insights.


  • Bulk import

    Migrate from hundreds of thousands to millions of documents, without downtime.


  • Privacy sensitive content

    Automated identification and deleting of passport, ID card, driver’s license and more privacy sensitive data.