Migrate or integrate content with Dropbox or Box

Make Box and/or Dropbox content available in any third party application with Xillio API

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API for Dropbox and Box integration or migration

Migrate to Dropbox or Box

Are you using Dropbox or Box as your new central enterprise content management system? With Box and Dropbox, collaboration and sharing are made very easy.  That is why organizations often adopt these technologies to prevent employees from using consumer-based file sharing apps to store, access or manage corporate data that is outside of the IT department’s control and visibility. Need to migrate your content to one of these cloud storage solutions? Xillio offers content migration between any source system to Box/Dropbox.

Connect with Box and Dropbox?

Cloud applications, like Dropbox and Box, gain popularity among business users. They are no longer only used for private purposes. This means that content that is stored in these cloud applications need to become available in the business process.

The Xillio content integration API makes it possible to make Box and/or Dropbox content available in any third party application. We offer direct integration between the cloud application and the content system, eliminating the manual process for the user. 

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Why Content is The Next Stop in Your Digital Journey

As part of their Digital Transformation, organizations are beginning to think strategically about their content.

This white paper wants to explore the role of content migration in that process of re-thinking, re-positioning and re-invigorating what is one of the valuable assets of any organization: its content.

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Migrate OpenText Documentum to Box
Migrate OpenText Documentum to Box
2:39 min
Sync content between Box and Alfresco
Integration of Box and Alfresco
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Developing an Information Strategy

Migrating to Box

The video below is an example of a migration project, done by our professional consultants, in which we migrated content from IBM FileNet to Box.

Watch the video to learn more about our software and approach. 

Learn how our consultants migrate content to Box with our connectors

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