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Analyse before you migrate to OnBase 

Do you want to change your ECM system and move to Hyland’s enterprise content management system OnBase? You can’t decommission your old system without migrating all documents, images, metadata, permissions etcetera. But all migration projects are inherently risky. It generally always requires dedicated analysis of all content on the source system, intelligent conversion and migration services.

How Xillio migrates your content to Hyland Onbase 

With experts in and connectors to all enterprise content management systems, Xillio is uniquely positioned to assist you with migrating to OnBase by Hyland no matter which (legacy) source system you are migrating from. Xillio has an intelligent migration tool that offers, among others:

  • Extensive analysis of the source content
  • Connect to and export of data (e.g. documents, metadata, versions, security groups) out of the source system
  • Mapping of all data to OnBase metadata model
  • Remove duplicate documents and unnecessary records
  • Execution of the high-speed automated migration

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How can you define the ROI for content migrations?

In this white paper we explore the various factors that define the return on investment (ROI) for content migrations and review the questions you should ask to determine and weight up the cost savings and benefits.

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