Archiving of content and data in InfoArchive

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Extract and transform content and data for the purpose of archiving in InfoArchive

InfoArchive, now owned by OpenText, is a clever solution for archiving large volumes of structured and unstructured data. The content and data remain available for audits, compliance, and big data applications. Meanwhile, old applications, databases, servers, and storage can be switched off. As a result, valuable content stays available.

Content configuration for import to InfoArchive

InfoArchive offers a specification for ingesting legacy content in the InfoArchive Configuration & Administration User Guide. But before you are able to import your existing content into InfoArchive, it needs to be structured accordingly. We developed a standard manner of extracting content to our standardized data model that has a connector to InfoArchive. This means that regardless of the source system, we are able to extract content to our data model and transform it directly into the InfoArchive format that is required for ingesting to InfoArchive.

Besides this, it is also possible to add business rules in order to transform and enrich your content before the ingest. This process can be done once in case of migrating and phase out the source system or it can be configured to run periodically based on preset rules for archiving.

5 Tips for a Successful Content Migration

A migration from one system to another is often more complex than just simply moving content from A to B.

In this tip sheet you will find 5 indispensable tips that will pave the way for a successful content migration to a new content management environment.

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