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Analyzing eDocs content with Xillio Insights to define migration rules


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Migrate eDOCS to Office 365

Do you have an OpenText eDOCS (previously known as Hummingbird) environment that you would like to migrate to Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Teams) or another modern ECM platform? Or do you wish to use OpenText eDOCS as your main enterprise content management system and move content from other systems?

Your main migration challenge probably is to migrate content (folders, documents, versions and so on), metadata (e.g. title, description, date (created on), drop down list) and authorizations?

Migration challenges

Migrating content from your legacy system is complex and is a challenge on both organizational and technical level. Maybe you don’t have access to the backend database. Or your source content may contain redundant, out-of-date, trivial (ROT) data that you would like to identify first, so you can archive or maybe delete it. And what if your eDOCS environment holds records that are referenced from other systems?

There are several more challenges that will keep you and your co-workers from becoming excited about such a migration project.

Xillio eDOCS migration service

At Xillio, we know eDOCS migrations (either from or to) and have been using a proven approach and tool for +15 years. We provide services and expertise required to successfully transfer to or from OpenText eDOCS.

Features of Xillio eDOCS migration service:

  • Analysis of source system data (e.g. number of documents, content types) using Xillio Insights
  • Transform and enrich eDOCS metadata
  • Import into any target system thanks to 60+ migration connectors
  • Support of ACL mapping
  • Automated migration of all data (including delta’s)
  • Audit trial of migration process.

Export content from OpenText eDOCS 

These videos demonstrates how we export content from an OpenText eDOCS environment and import it into OpenText Content Server and SharePoint Online. We use Xillio Insights to analyze the extracted content to make decisions on the migration rules. 

Migrating your legacy eDOCS to OpenText Content Server

eDOCS to SharePoint Online migration with using Insight to analyze the eDocs data

Standard functionality

  • Import and export of files, folders, versions, value lists, permissions, system data, and metadata;
  • Restructuring of metadata;
  • Metadata enrichment based on business rules;
  • Mapping of metadata models;
  • Migration rules based on data, context, and text in documents;
  • Extensive report and migration audit trail.

System-specific functionality

  • Supports public folders
  • Supports document and folder references
  • Supports records and dossiers

Supported versions

  • Version 5.x
  • Version 6.x   
  • Version 16                                                                                               

Migrating a legacy ECM system?

This white paper explores one indispensable first step towards creating a coherent content landscape: migrating content from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system towards a system that helps rather than hinders your business objectives.

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