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Xillio guarantees your migration to SharePoint Online will be successful and without any risk

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Is your organization shifting to using SharePoint Online (as part of Office 365) as the preferred Collaboration and Document Management System? Would it be desirable to retire your existing on-premises OpenText Content Server platform? An essential part of decommissioning this platform is to migrate all the content with metadata stored in OpenText CS.


Experienced migration service

Whatever exercise you wish to do with the existing data, Xillio is your most experienced partner when it comes to migrating legacy ECM systems to Office 365 and SharePoint Online in specific.

Xillio’s migration approach and flexible solution guarantees no losses of records, content or metadata, it captures all existing metadata, preserves all versions, all permissions and provides extensive reporting on the migration. Either use our migration tooling yourself after targeted training or let our experienced consultants execute a migration as a service.

Analysis of OpenText data

Prior to the migration, Xillio provides an in-depth analysis of the content in OpenText CS. This gives insights in the number of folders, hierarchy depth, the number of documents, empty folders, last accessed data and much more.

These reports give the ability to select only the valuable content prior to archiving and migration and avoids ‘garbage out – garbage in’. And, it identifies data that need ‘extra’ value, for example through metadata enrichment.


Splitting Active and Inactive content

You might want to migrate active content into SharePoint Online and inactive content into a separate cloud solution. Xillio sees an increase of this need in the market. Especially when the legacy source systems hold a lot of content, organizations want to move the inactive content to an archive solutions. Another trend is to create these archive solutions in Azure or AWS, using just the file system, an index and custom-built application for retrieval.


Tips & Tricks for a migration to SharePoint Online

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Xillio guarantees your migration to SharePoint Online will be successful and without any risk, so that you will be able to retire the OpenText Content Server platform with confidence. In the below resources, you'll find the prove for our experience migrating OpenText CS to SharePoint / Office 365. 


Migration to SharePoint Online at Healthcare

Case: US Healthcare Consulting Firm

Xillio migrated all 600.000 documents from over 600 sites with document libraries for this Healthcare Consulting Firm to SharePoint Online. The migration as a service was performed in 2 months.

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Export data out of OpenText Content Server video

Video: Export out of OpenText Content Server

In this video, we explain how our OpenText export connector can export data and content from OpenText Content Server to any other content repository (e.g. SDL Tridion, Documentum, SharePoint) or file system.

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How To Take The Headache Out Of Your Migration To Microsoft 365

This white paper explains all challenges that keep you from migrating to Microsoft 365. Most of these are easy to solve, but others will give you a real headache. Let’s have a look at them.

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Migrating content to Microsoft 365

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