Xillio Adds New EMC Documentum Connector to Its Collection

Hilversum, January 12, 2017 – Xillio, provider of the Content ETL Platform, developed a connector for EMC Documentum, which is now available. With this new connector, Xillio helps organizations integrate their many fragmented content repositories. The new connector also provides the ability to easily integrate and exchange data from EMC Documentum with other enterprise content repositories. In addition, the connector enables the export, as well as the import, of data from EMC Documentum and into EMC Documentum, in case of a migration. 

With more than 20 bi-directional connectors to the most widely used enterprise content and web content management systems, Xillio facilitates a proven solution to get the most out of unstructured data. Information from various content repositories can be easily integrated and accessed via any desired platform.

Import and export connector
The EMC Documentum connector includes both an import and an export connector. When exporting data from Documentum all possible functionalities, including renditions, content types, workflows and access control list, are exported from the solution. The exported data is stored in the Unified Data Model (UDM) of Xillio. The import connector retrieves the stored data from the UDM and imports it into EMC Documentum. 

"This connector is part of a series of connectors that we have introduced in the recent months," said Rikkert Engels, founder and CEO of Xillio. "All connectors are developed by our development team, but it’s also possible for customers and partners to develop connector themselves in our Content ETL Platform. This platform is based on a simple scripting language and offers the ability to quickly develop a connector with any content repository."