Xillio combines tooling and expertise in File Share Analysis Package for customers and partners

Expertise and methods for information management policies

Chicago, June 1, 2016 - Xillio, experts in the analysis, transformation and migration of unstructured data, today announced their File Share Analysis Package. This package contains a combination of standardized analysis scripts and ECM expertise with which organizations can set up and optimize their information management strategy. A proven file share connector, a thorough analysis of the file systems, a workshop, and a strategic plan are part of the package. The package can be used by system integrators and information specialists to achieve productivity improvements for users, and reduce storage costs. It also offers opportunities to effectively deploy enterprise search.

A unique feature of the package is, among others, the speed of the file share connector. With the maximum speed that the network and hardware can handle, data can be extracted from file shares so that various analyses can be performed. Examples of analyses and insights include the number of files by extension type, duplicate files and folders, and insight into the quality of the metadata. The results of the analysis are presented by Xillio or its partners in a workshop, after which decisions can be made about what to do with the content (clean-up, deduplication, enhance, create versions, etc.).

File systems still take a central position in our daily work environments. There is a huge volume of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial) content on these file systems, and that results in poor findability of documents by end users. In addition, there is a poor insight into the presence of sensitive data, and there are rising costs for storage and network management. The analysis from the File Share Analysis Package is a critical part of a migration process from file shares to a DMS or collaboration environment such as SharePoint and provides insight into the present ROT content.

Rikkert Engels, founder and CEO of Xillio, says: "Our experience, along with that of our partners, shows that the vast majority of content in organizations is still stored on file systems, and that volume is still growing. When organizations want to know what content is valuable and what is not, such as when they are looking at an upcoming migration from file share to SharePoint, then our package offers the right solution. The package is a combination of a thorough methodology and tooling that looks at the actual content of documents. There is no need for tailoring to a customer’s specific environment, it offers standard insights. That is a different approach than traditional IT tooling for file share analysis."

More information on the file share analysis and insights offered by Xillio.