Are you on the verge of moving away from SDL Tridion and looking into Drupal as an alternative? With the combination of our proven migration approach, our 15+ years experience and our connectors to both systems, Xillio can help from start to finish.

Our approach


1. Content Inventory

We will start by connecting to your Tridion environment to extract all data. This provides the necessary insights to understand your Tridion set-up and facilitates you to make data-driven migration decisions.

2. Content Audit

Next we capture the first migration rules and define the migration scope. These rules will be applied to the inventory to show the impact even before migrating. This allows us to work in quick iterations and have an understanding of the migration outcome early on. This is especially important with SDL Tridion since excluding content can trigger a domino effect. 

3. Content Mapping

By comparing your SDL Tridion content model with Drupal, we can already identify migration challenges and complexities at the start - and act upon them. This is a key factor in keeping your migration controllable and predictable. The comparison of data models results in a mapping of structure, templates, and components; it also considers fields, value (lists) and taxonomies. Content mapping provides the foundation for the rest of the migration.

4. Migration Design

We bring everything together, including content inventory, content audit and content mapping, into a migration playbook that provides a detailed plan, identifies key stakeholders and assigns a clear set of responsibilities. The migration playbook is your roadmap for the migration design.

5. Content Transformation

With our 15 years of SDL Tridion migration experience, our Xillio team knows all the "ins and outs" when migrating your platform. We understand how the content of the Tridion-specific functionality - such as components, versions, templates, blueprinting, taxonomies, publishing - can be migrated into Drupal.

6. Content Imports

Using our connectors for SDL Tridion and Drupal, we migrate your content either in bulk or batches, as aligned with your roll-out strategy. To provide extra flexibility, we support delta migrations to identify content changes after the initial migration. Throughout the project, we provide logs that give you an audit trail, together with proof of data consistency and integrity at any moment in the migration process.

Our capabilities


SDL Tridion (Sites)

Xillio can read and export all content related to

  • Publications
  • Folders and pages
  • Categories and keywords (taxonomies)
  • Structure groups
  • Building blocks
  • Component (templates)
  • Metadata (schemas)
  • Keywords           
  • Versions
  • Publisher (Content Delivery)
  • Users (groups)
  • Rights & permissions
  • Blueprinting, localizations, translations

Supported versions: 

  • SDL Tridion R5
  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 8.x
  • 9.x       

Xillio Migration Platform

Our platform enables the automation of

  • Complex content (model) transformations
  • Metadata rules, management and enrichment
  • Automatic link resolution
  • Full audit trail
  • Highly scalable migration engine
  • Delta migrations
  • Early-stage functionality testing  
  • Preparation of new website structure (including templates and empty pages)
  • Reporting (e.g. duplicate and non-linked content, asset usage of images & templates, many more) 
  • And many more... Let us know if you miss something



Xillio can read and import all content related to

  • Content
  • Paragraphs
  • Fields
  • Taxonomies
  • Media (files)
  • Content types 
  • Plug-ins
  • And more

Supported versions: 

  • Drupal 7
  • Drupal 8
  • Drupal 9      

Xillio is trusted by over 250 companies worldwide

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Migrating multilingual websites? Add testing

When migrating multilingual websites, testing for multilingual errors (such as mixed language text on the same page) is an important step before you go live with your new site. To support multilingual web migrations, LocHub (a spin-off of Xillio) has developed an automated multilingual testing tool that you can run either on published pages or staging servers to find and fix multilingual errors.

Do you need to include multilingual testing in your migration plan? It's an easy step to add LocHub Insights, and it brings big benefits in delivering a better visitor UX and improving SEO when your new website is live. 

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