Migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint Online

And transfer content to Microsoft Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, Records Center, or Azure Files.

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Many organizations are replacing their 'old' enterprise content management system, e.g., Documentum, with Alfresco, and migrating content from Alfresco to an alternative system, e.g., SharePoint. Some companies even use multiple systems, e.g., SharePoint as a front-end and Alfresco as a back-end. With the connector of Alfresco, SharePoint, and many other systems, we are here to help you configure your ECM system in the way you like.


Migrate content from Alfresco to SharePoint Online

Xillio has many years of experience migrating content into and out of Alfresco. We know how to extract data in bulk from Alfresco and load it in another system, and how to deal with file classification and credential permission. With Xillio connectors, your content migration is well-handled.

Using Xillio Insight, we can analyze the Alfresco data to help you understand the content and metadata in your system and facilitate data-driven decision-making for cleaning up, enrichment, restructuring, and migrating your content.

We support any source and target

Xillio’s fast and reliable approach and solution help determine the mapping and transformation of the source data in order to make it compatible with the new SharePoint metadata model. Importing the data into SharePoint Online, Office 365, Microsoft 365, or OneDrive is done with Xillio’s migration connector.

Xillio’s software has been specifically designed to support any content migration from and to any content management system. Packed with smart features and supported by our experienced consultants, our tooling guarantees the success and accuracy of any content migration project.

Migrate Alfresco to SharePoint Online

In this video, we demonstrate how we migrate content from an Alfresco instance to SharePoint Online. We will show how we extract the content and save the data in our data model. Then we transform the data so that the Alfresco content fits the new SharePoint data model. Finally, we will load the transformed content into SharePoint Online.

Xillio’s Alfresco to SharePoint migration services includes:

Extract files and metadata from Afresco
Pre-migration analysis of all content with Xillio Insights
Mapping of data to SharePoint metadata model
Fast and effective migration to SharePoint and Office 365

How do we handle your migration?

Xillio supports content migrations to and from any source and target system. Below is some further information about how we migrate content and data from Alfresco to SharePoint Online. To know more about our previous projects, you can take a look at our customer page.


export data from Alfresco-screenshot

Extract data from Alfresco

Learn how we export content and data from Alfresco with our connector

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Migrate to SharePoint Online

We take good care of all the challenges migrating to SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365. 

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Migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint Online

Migration from multiple Alfresco instances to SharePoint Online

Xillio helped a renowned space organization migrate highly secure content from multiple Alfresco instances to Microsoft SharePoint Online.  

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