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Efficient connector for migrations to and from Hippo / BloomReach CMS

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Experience with migrating to Hippo / BloomReach CMS migrations

In recent years, Xillio has migrated dozens of leading public websites to or from Hippo / BloomReach, including the Dutch government, railways, and police departments. For the Dutch government project, 13 different ministry sites were migrated from nine different content management systems.

With the help of the Hippo / BloomReach connector, the Dutch government was able to migrate in phases, and was even able to continuously synchronize a number of their content repositories.

Migrate FatWire website to Hippo CMS in short time frame Example of Web Content Migration at Dutch Government

Our connector can easily export and import Hippo / BloomReach content into numerous CMS.

Hippo / BloomReach import connector
Our import connector uses a two-stage approach. In the first step, the structure is created in which all folders and Hippo / BloomReach handles are created so that the new Hippo IDs are known. In addition, the handles are updated with the actual content, assets, and metadata, and the internal relationships are reconstructed.

Our import connector uses a three-stage approach. In the first stage, the folder structure is created; this will generate Hippo handles that will then serve as the contents new ID. In the second stage, the handles are updated with content, assets, and metadata. Lastly, the internal relationships are then restored.

Hippo / BloomReach export connector
Xillio's export connector uses the XML export feature built into Hippo / BloomReach. The extracted .xml files are automatically transformed into Xillio's unified content model, from where it can be easily imported into any other CMS system.


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