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The promise of Copilot

Microsoft Copilot may be the most disruptive technology offered by the company to date. When applied well, it promises significant productivity gains over manual work. Even more, when smartly combining it with other automation approaches like workflow, analytics, and bot-supported customer interaction, it may change your way of doing business forever.

However, no Copilot implementation will be successful without access to the right sources of business information. As Copilot runs on the Microsoft 365 platform, it needs access to these sources from this platform to process it. Moreover, this information needs to be properly organized and protected to avoid serious issues with security and privacy.


Making the move

How much of your critical business data and content still resides outside of the Microsoft 365 platform? To bring it within reach of Copilot, two distinct strategies may be followed:

1. Use available integrations from third-party solutions into the Microsoft 365 platform.
2. Migrate your content to SharePoint Online, Azure data storage, or a combination.

The first approach makes sense in case there is no possible way to migrate out of your existing platform, for reasons of cost, convenience, or compliance. However, from our experience, we see several advantages of migrating to the Microsoft 365 platform, especially if your current platform used to manage content is outdated and costly.

Having your content in a single enterprise platform yields several advantages, including lowered TCO, centralized and integrated compliance management, and improved usability. Even the most intricate scenarios seamlessly align with the platform now. Migration, aided by cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise, is far less disruptive than before.

Xillio services help enable Copilot for you

With 20 years of content migration experience, Xillio is your world-class partner for enabling Copilot in the most effective way possible. Our tried and tested approach and unique tooling ensure your migration initiative is carried out to success, without a headache.

We have the unique advantage of understanding both the legacy content management systems and Microsoft 365 in much detail. This allows us to effectively map content and functionality between them, delivering an optimized transformation for any possible situation.

Our services include the following:

And we have the track record to prove this!

Check out our library of Microsoft 365 resources and case studies.

Community Preservation Corporation

Controlled content migration from FileNet to Microsoft SharePoint Online gives employees easy and intuitive access to structured loan content with improved usability.



Mott Mcdonald

Xillio delivered software and services to automate the process of migrating inactive content to an Azure Cloud archive and moving active content to Microsoft 365.

MottMac 379_237



Xillio was selected to run the content migration of Documentum-D2 (their document management and collaboration solution). As part of the project scope, Xillio migrated two Documentum systems (Oslobors and VPS) to Euronext’s Microsoft 365 environment.



Once inside SharePoint or Teams, you can leverage your content with the power of Copilot by:

Create new value out of your existing content

Use Copilot to identify which -often hidden- content has most business value, as it addresses the urgent needs of your business and customers

Find your content regardless of its location, classify it, and extract data

Take advantage of the fact that your critical business content is migrated to Microsoft 365, by using Copilot to locate it regardless of where it is stored exactly. Use Microsoft Syntex to classify content uniformly and extract critical data from it on the fly

Create or process information much more efficiently

Leverage Copilot-enabled Microsoft 365 applications like Office 365, Power Automate, and Syntex to efficiently process any received or newly created content, allowing your staff to focus on more value-creating tasks

Ensure compliance

Use Microsoft Purview to thoroughly secure your content and manage its lifecycle. This avoids any potential security or privacy issues while allowing you to get the most out of your Copilot investment

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Xillio Insights

An analysis is the starting point for every content migration. With Xillio Insights, you make data-driven migration decisions through interactive dashboards.

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Xillio Migration Platform

Xilio is experienced with content migration projects from various kinds of source systems. In this video, you will see a demo of the migration process from Documentum to SharePoint Online by using Xill4 to extract data.

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Xillio Content Care

Content Care is a cutting-edge managed service designed to help businesses extract maximum value from their Microsoft 365 investment. By providing in-depth insights and advice around four key aspects, our service empowers you to take control of your digital workplace like never before.  

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