Data Migration from Objective to a new ECM

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Document Migration from Objective ECM to a New System

Does your current Objective ECM no longer meet your requirements and are you seeking a flexible migration tool to migrate content between Objective ECM and your new ECM system, such as Alfresco or OpenText Content Server?

Xillio offers the best migration tool for migrating content out of legacy systems and a proven approach to successfully process documents, appending appropriate metadata, and routing documents to the correct location in the target repository. Thanks to the many connectors, we support content migrations from any source to any target system

Inventory and selection

The first step of our migration approach is to evaluate the current Objective installation, create an inventory of which content should be migrated, and which data should be enriched. After selecting the content of interest, our tools map the content to the content model of the new system and begins the import process.

Xillio delivers a migration report to validate the migration, and offers a complete migration audit trail.

Migrating content from a legacy ECM

This white paper explores one indispensable first step towards creating a coherent content landscape: migrating content from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system towards a system that helps rather than hinders your business objectives.

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