Enable ECM content migration without broken links

Xillio Content Redirection Service

Xillio’s Content Redirection Service is a smart migration solution that automatically point user to the new location of migrated documents. This will accelerate end-user adoption of a new content management system and avoid content duplication during and after content migration.

Find the new location of migrated documents

In this video, we demonstrate the Content Redirection Service. We show how a document opens in SharePoint Online after migration, while OpenText Content Server is the source system. 

How does it work?

During migration, the service will continuously track and update document locations based on defined business rules and migration status. When a user requests a document through the old ECM system, the Content Redirection Service will check its migration status and availability in the migration target, and then automatically redirect the user to that new location.

In case the document has not been migrated (yet), the service seamlessly passes the request through to the source system.

Xillio Content Redirection Service

Benefits Content Redirection Service

Scalable to large migrations
Avoid duplications
Accelerate end-user adoption
Supports federated migration
Run on-premises or as cloud service
Seamless migration experience

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