Knowledge Management with Project Cortex

For knowledge to work, you need content!

Define Project Cortex Roadmap

For knowledge to work, you need content!

Microsoft introduced Project Cortex and – just recently - SharePoint Syntex. At Xillio, we believe Project Cortex is the rebirth of knowledge management. Why?
Knowledge management rose in popularity late last century, but it failed to deliver on its promise. As technology was not as advanced as it is today, it required end-users to ‘tag’ information and it forced end-users to log into a knowledge management application. Unfortunately, end-users did not tag information and as a result, nobody used the app either. Resulting into a vicious negative circle. Project Cortex solves this.

What is Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex?

Project Cortex is a Microsoft 365 initiative that applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps you use every day.

This means that Project Cortex automatically captures and distributes (through Microsoft 365) the knowledge your end-users need to achieve more. Project Cortex offers new possibilities to successfully integrate knowledge management in your organization. The Microsoft Cortex roadmap started with SharePoint Syntex. More knowledge-related features will be released over time.

Learn more about SharePoint Syntex, the first product from Project Cortex.

Additional resources

Xillio and Metataxis will explain how you can design an information architecture and an information governance framework that could be leveraging Project Cortex to its fullest extent. Furthermore, we show more Project Cortex essentials that you didn’t think of. 
During this webinar sponsored by Xillio a unique panel of industry experts answered all burning questions about Project Cortex.

Simon Denton, Business Architect at Mott MacDonald, explains the steps Mott MacDonald took to get 300+ terabytes into SharePoint Online and Azure and how Project Cortex is being used to extract value from the migrated content.

Getting started with SharePoint Syntex

You want to get started with SharePoint Syntex, but for knowledge to work you need content. Regarding your content these challenges are common:

  1. Lots of content
    You have a lot of content, distributed over numerous systems. You have countless processes, workflows and tools built around this content.
  2. Content is unavailable
    In order for Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex to deliver on its value, this content should either be migrated or made available as an external source in Microsoft 365.

Furthermore, you are uncertain about the impact if implementing Project Cortex and how you can fully utilize SharePoint Syntex? You want to know how to integrating Microsoft information governance controls and Project Cortex capabilities. You have questions about migrating your content to Microsoft 365, such as “Do I need to migrate immediately, or can I do it phased?” 

And what does Project Cortex mean for Knowledge Management? The answer lies in its combination of different information processing technologies, and the integration of these into a new layer of functionality to enhance MS 365 as a platform.

Xillio and Project Cortex

As official Microsoft Project Cortex launch Partner and Content Services Charter Member, Xillio knows how to solve these challenges, has answers to all your questions. We can help you roll out Project Cortex within your organization.

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