Connector for migration of Hippo/BloomReach

Efficient connector for migrations to and from Hippo / BloomReach CMS

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Hippo / BloomReach CMS web migrations

Migrating a website to a new CMS can be quite a challenge. It is not just a matter of transferring HTML pages, it is about migrating relationships, links, documents, images, versions and configuring and enriching metadata as well. Whilst doing that you also need to make sure the mapping between the source and target system is done properly.

The structure of each Hippo / BloomReach environment (or any CMS for that matter) is different and has specific content types and functionality to serve specific needs or support specific processes. Xillio's Hippo / BloomReach CMS connector combines our knowledge of these systems with our migration expertise and is easily configured to deal with these challenges and differences.

Export and import connector

By using our migration software and CMS connectors, you can focus on improving and cleaning up content. You don't have to invest in solving technical challenges because we have already done that for you. 

Experience with migrating to Hippo / BloomReach CMS migrations
In recent years, Xillio has migrated dozens of leading public websites to or from Hippo / BloomReach, including the Dutch government, railways, and police departments. For the Dutch government project, 13 different ministry sites were migrated from nine different content management systems.

With the help of the Hippo / BloomReach (brX and brXM) connector, the Dutch government was able to migrate in phases and was even able to continuously synchronize a number of their content repositories.


Hippo migration at Dutch Government

A total of 16 sites, with its own editorial staff and CMS, were to be transformed into a common website, based on Hippo. CMS

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Standard functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • content structure
    • Site structure (menu/navigation)
    • Pages
    • Metadata
    • SEO information
    • Versions
    • Components
    • Internal relations
    • External links
    • Images, videos, and other media
  • Combine with analytics
  • Transfer translations
  • Transfer localized content
  • Recognition of duplicates
  • Restructuring of content
  • Combine of split components
  • Reconstructing of internal links
  • Conversion of media formats
  • No downtime                                                                                                    

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Document types
    • Channels
    • Resources
    • Media

Supported versions

  • Hippo CMS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13
  • Bloomreach Experience (brX)
  • Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM)


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