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Xillio has over 20 years of experience with content migrations.
The amount of knowledge we have gained has been implemented into our migration software.  Our software is built to handle all exceptions and challenges and has many functionalities: 

Proven approach

A typical migration follows a number of steps. The Xillio approach follows these steps and combines its years of experience with the best practices of hundreds of content migrations. 

  • Initiation
  • Analysis
  • Selection
  • Mapping
  • Transformation
  • Import
  • Reporting

Central migration database

All information on the source and target model, the content sets, rules and objects are centrally stored in the by Xillio developed Unified Data Model (UDM).
The database contains information on the documents, the folders, the source and target metadata, the selection, the transformation rules, value lists and an audit trail for each object. In the UDM, the data is saved in a standardized manner, independent of the source.  This means that extra sources can be easily added or new migration combinations of systems can be made. 

Metadata transformation engine

Using hundreds, specifically for migration developed functions, metadata is transformed to the target model.  The functions can infinitely be combined and applied. There are functions for the manipulation of strings, merging of values, regular expressions, trim, path and system functions. Based on these rules, the metadata is retrieved and used for for example another target location, relating objects or applying security. 

Big data volumes

There are no volume restrictions.  After an analysis of the source data, only the valuable data will be migrated. All migration projects are executed with the intelligent Xillio Concurrency module parallel to maximize performance.  Utilizing deduplication, duplicate documents are excluded from the migration, storage costs saved and findability increases. Through delta migrations, large data volumes can be processed and is the impact on the organization minimized.

Delta migrations

Real-time testing en simulation

Xillio allows you to test the migration before the content is actually imported into the target system. This allows you to adjust well in time or to test the migration if the target system is not yet fully implemented. The impact of each migration rule is recorded in reports.

Auditing & Logging

Xillio offers a fully controllable and reportable migration process with extensive, configurable logging and registration of an audit trail per object. This process is validated and approved by multiple international companies, among which banks and insuring companies. 

Open architecture

Xillio offers standard connectors to numerous systems, such as ECM, WCM, DAM and cloud. The open architecture does not only enable you to connect with any source or target system, but also to easily integrate (micro) services within the migration process. Those (micro) services can be text recognition (OCR), image and document classification, conversion of documenttype (word to PDF) and more. 

Redirection Service

A smart migration service that automatically points users to the new location of migrated documents. The service will continuously track and update document locations based on defined business rules and migration status.
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Xillio has more than 15 years of experience with almost all source and target systems. We have the connectors and have a solution that can handle every exception.


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Gartner, one of the most important analysts in the market, proclaimed us 'Cool Vendor' in the 'Content Integration Services' segment in 2017.


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Xillio helps you translate your challenge into a solution. We like that. We stand for practical thinking with an eye for risk and efficiency and clear agreements.

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