Website migration from/to Umbraco

Both extraction and import capabilities

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Migration from or to Umbraco

Transfer website to Umbraco open source CMS?

Do you want to migrate to a Umbraco site? Migrate WordPress to Umbraco? Or migrate your Umbraco 7 site to Umbraco Cloud? You can choose to manually transfer all content (e.g.web pages, banners, and reusable parts) and media (e.g. images and documents) to a new web content management system; however, this website migration approach is time-consuming and error-prone. The main reason is that lots of transformations are needed when doing a website migration. 

To analyze, transform and migrate media for the purpose of an upgrade or WCM replacement, Xillio has developed a proven connector with Umbraco that we use in our migration services projects. Xillio's connector can be deployed in combination with our migration software to extract data from Umbraco, or import data into Umbraco. By automating the migration, you can focus on adding quality to your content. 

Extract, Import, Mapping and transformation

The connector provides migration capabilities for Umbraco. To accomplish this, Xillio uses the Xill IDE to call on the Umbraco Web service.

Based on the structure of the site, there will be a determination of which pages should be migrated. Using the mapping sheets, the data is transformed into a new structure. Learn more about our approach for WCM / CMS migrations by downloading the below white paper. 

Successful Web Content Management Migration

Are you considering switching to new Web Content Management (WCMS or WCM) system to manage your website content? Or have you already implemented a new WCM? You will probably acknowledge that a website migration does not happen for no reason, there are always strong overarching reasons to start such a migration process, because it’s clear that it’s quite complex. 

Using a detailed step-by-step plan, this white paper gives you guidance on how to successfully complete a migration of a web content management system.

Download white paper

Standard functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • content structure
    • Site structure (menu/navigation)
    • Pages
    • Metadata
    • SEO information
    • Versions
    • Components
    • Internal relations
    • External links
    • Images, videos, and other media
  • Combine with analytics
  • Transfer translations
  • Transfer localized content
  • Recognition of duplicates
  • Restructuring of content
  • Combine of split components
  • Reconstructing of internal links
  • Conversion of media formats
  • No downtime  

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Templates
    • Languages
    • Content
    • Media

Supported versions

  • Versions 7.x and 8.x                                                                                                   

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