How to migrate content from and to Alfresco?

Easy export and import for Alfresco with Xillio

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Migration or intergration Alfresco

Migrate content to Alfresco

Many organizations are replacing their 'old' enterprise content management system, e.g. Documentum, with Alfresco, as well as migrating content from Alfresco to an alternative system, e.g. Alfresco to SharePointSome companies even use multiple systems, e.g. SharePoint as a front end and Alfresco as a back-end.

Want to extract data in bulk from Alfresco and load it in another system or a newer version of the enterprise content software? Want to finish a content migration to Alfresco within a tight time-frame?

There are several tools available that will accelerate the migration process between Alfresco; however, these tools lack the ability to determine which data is valuable to migrate, nor do they provide the needed assistance and knowledge that is required for a migration process.

With our intelligent migration solution, Xillio helps organizations to quickly and easily export content types (e.g. documents, users, comments, tags) between Alfresco. Exported data can be migrated to any target system.

Connect with other systems

There is hardly any content management system that exists in a pure standalone manner. And in particular, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are business critical, and therefore need to be integrated with a variety of business applications.

Rather than building a custom integration with Alfresco time and time again, you can use Xillio's cloud-based API as a unified way to access anything stored in Alfresco. This makes building your integrations considerably easier and cheaper.

Using the Xillio API to integrate Alfresco with business applications has the following advantages:

  • One API and one content model: use only one API and content model to access content stored in Alfresco, but also in other systems. This way your business application doesn't need to be adapted dependant on where your content resides.
  • Use Xillio's big list of other connectors to pull content from any system into your business application.

For more information about our API, please visit the developer portal.


Migrate Oracle WebCenter Content to Alfresco at the State of Alaska

The IT department at the state of Alaska has been using Oracle WebCenter Content (Oracle WCC) for document and records management. The state government’s leadership decided to choose Alfresco as their new enterprise content management system, but needed to securely migrate all documents.
Xillio has been able to realize this in record time. Read more about it in the case study. 

Download case
Migrate Oracle WCC to Alfresco with Xillio

Standard functionality

  • Import and export of files, folders, versions, value  lists, permissions, system data, and metadata;
  • Restructuring of metadata;
  • Metadata enrichment based on business rules;
  • Mapping of metadata models;
  • Migration rules based on data, context, and text in documents;
  • Extensive report and migration audit trail.

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Document library
    • Wiki
    • Blogs

Supported versions

  • Version 4.x
  • Version 5.x
  • Version 6.x                                                                                                 
Export data and content drom Alfresco
Export content from Alfresco
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