Xillio Migration Services 

Not one content migration is too difficult for us. But we do a lot more than just that! 

100% Guaranteed Results 

For more than 20 years, our consultants have helped organize the information landscapes of our customers. We do this by supplying various solutions in the field of content and data.

Xillio consultants have a lot of experience with migrating content, but also with analyzing and improving content and data, using Xillio software. In addition to the technical realization of solutions, our consultants also offer strategic advice, project management, business consultancy and of course training in the Xillio software. 

There has not been a single migration challenge that Xillio couldn't complete automatically. Xillio consultants love complex challenges. We dare you to challenge us!

Complete migration service

When you outsource your project to us, a specialized team ensures the result you are looking for. Guaranteed. This team consists of one or more consultants who are trained in the use of the software and use our proven approach. We always deliver! Within time and budget.

Software support en training

To organizations and partners who are using the Xillio migration software themselves, we offer the support site including articles and the possibility to ask questions directly to our support desk. 

Hybrid design

Often, our customer or partners benefit from starting to use the software while receiving soms extra support in addition to the training. This is why Xillio offers a hybrid design. This has proven successful in bigger, and more complex migration projects. 

How can we help you?

Xillio software and services can be used for different migration purposes and scenarios. Find the most common use cases below. 

Xillio Insights 

At Xillio, we believe that every successful migration project starts with a migration plan. That is why we developed Xillio Insights. It enables you to define a predictable, controllable and defendable migration strategy. This allows you to clean, deduplicate and enrich during your migration, unlocking the true value of your content.
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Legacy ECM Migration 

In the era of Big Data, content is a resource almost as invaluable to an organization as its human capital. For this reason alone, leaving content in an outdated and inefficient ECM is no longer an option. Xillio can help you connect to your outdated systems and migrate to a modern ECM
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Migration to SharePoint Online 

One of the main reasons for a content migration to SharePoint Online is that it's easier to find your content.  To optimize the findability of documents, Xillio's migration solutions focus on transforming, cleaning-up and enriching content, using Xillio software and connectors.
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