PWN exchanges manual migration for Xillio's migration software to migrate from file shares to SharePoint 

PWN is a drinking water company in the province of North Holland, in the Netherlands. The company, with more than 600 full-time staff (FTEs), produces drinking water for nearly 800,000 households. In 2014, PWN introduced a new knowledge portal and collaboration environment, based on SharePoint. The goal was to say farewell to its inefficient file share systems.

"After a training and extensive support for users by so-called ‘champions’, we started to manually transfer all the content of our file shares to E-Plaza, as we call our new digital collaboration environment based on SharePoint," said PWN’s Project Leader Laura Blom. "But soon it became clear that this method was time consuming and unsuccessful.”

With the help of Xillio we succeeded in successfully completing the migration to SharePoint. Curious about the whole story? Download the case!

Download the full case