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Migrate content to Salesforce

Moving data and documents to Salesforce

In some cases, it might be necessary or preferable to move data and documents from SharePoint (or Office 365) to Salesforce. What we often see is that information about sales opportunities and contacts is scattered between different environments. When deciding to consolidate your sales process and information in Salesforce, you want to make sure that already existing information from your Microsoft environment is transferred to Salesforce as best as possible.

By using our advanced and intelligent SharePoint/Salesforce content migration solution we are able to help you successfully build up your Salesforce environment. We have executed this migration approach at several projects over the last 15 years, including many SharePoint migrations to a variety of systems.

Migrate from SharePoint to Salesforce

During the migration process, it is possible to map different data objects. For example, map a SharePoint list to a Company in Salesforce, or map metadata on a document in SharePoint to an Opportunity object in Salesforce. In addition, it is possible to set up all kinds of business rules and apply transformations. For example, the SharePoint industry label 'IT' will be mapped to the value 'Technology' in Salesforce. It is also possible to immediately relate objects to one another in Salesforce, for example, contacts and opportunities.

Do you want to expand your Salesforce installation with more information? Xillio offers the ability to add data from any other content repository, databases, or cloud environments to Salesforce.

From SharePoint to Salesforce

In this video we demonstrate how we migrate data and documents from a database and a SharePoint installation to a new Salesforce environment.

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