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SDL Tridion end-of-life?

In a rapidly changing world in which many contacts between employees and customers are desired, you must be able to provide a safe, reliable, content-filled and user-friendly environment. Is your content management system (CMS) from SDL Tridion (now SDL Web Content Management) end-of-life and is a migration to a modern environment desirable? Then Xillio is your migration partner.

The challenge of a doing a website migration where SDL Tridion is the source or target system lies in the mapping between the various pages and components. One of the characteristics of SDL Tridion is the sharp separation between content and layout. Content in SDL is stored in individual components that can be placed on one or more pages. Pages consist of the presentation of the content in the components. In many other CMS systems, there is no clear separation between content and pages.

Complex mapping done by SDL Connector

When syncing an old and new SDL Tridion environment is not necessarily about complex mapping, but more about complex logic. Xillio has developed a synchronization solution specifically for SDL upgrade projects. Here, content is managed in the old version, and will automatically be transferred to the new version. This ensures that all actions that are performed on the old system (e.g. pages created, modified, posting a component) will always be transferred into the new target system.

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Standard functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • content structure
    • Site structure (menu/navigation)
    • Pages
    • Metadata
    • SEO information
    • Versions
    • Components
    • Internal relations
    • External links
    • Images, videos, and other media
  • Combine with analytics
  • Transfer translations
  • Transfer localized content
  • Recognition of duplicates
  • Restructuring of content
  • Combine of split components
  • Reconstructing of internal links
  • Conversion of media formats
  • No downtime                                                                                                    

System-specific functionality

  • Import and export of:
    • Templates
    • Components
    • Building blocks
    • Sites
  • Support Blueprinting

Supported versions

  • SDL Tridion R5
  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 8.x
  • 9.x                                                                                               

6 Steps to a Successful Web Content Management Migration

Are you considering switching to new Web Content Management (WCMS or WCM) system to manage your website content? Or have you already implemented a new WCM? You will probably acknowledge that a website migration does not happen for no reason, there are always strong overarching reasons to start such a migration process, because it’s clear that it’s quite complex.

Using a detailed step-by-step plan, this white paper gives you guidance on how to successfully complete a migration of a web content management system.

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