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Content migration tool to migrate Documentum to OpenText CS

Your documents are extremely critical to your organization. During a migration - for example migrate from Documentum to OpenText - you want to make sure that all, or only a desired selection of, documents are migrated to a different solution without any impact on your business or to the integrity of the documents.

Xillio has the most expertise and years of experience in content migration. With Xillio, you receive proven methodology and migration software for content migration from Documentum to OpenText Content Server. And, we have professional specialists who will make your OpenText import a success!

Unified Content Model

The core of our method and software is the unified data model that ensures that content models of the source and target systems have the same, uniform format so that content is easily transportable. Furthermore, we have built a complete and efficient connector for Documentum and OpenText, that can extract and import all required content as required. 

Thanks to our flexibility, you can choose to migrate all content, enriched content (e.g., by adding metadata), deduplicate content, or migrate only ‘active’ content. Older content is easily retained in your legacy system for archiving purposes.


Features migration Documentum to OpenText Content Server:

  • All Documentum items are exported, including renditions, content types, workflows and access control lists;
  • Transformation to unified data model;
  • Data is cleaned, enriched or enhanced;
  • Support for all OpenText CS features for import, including versions, multivalue fields and object security;
  • The OpenText import connector is optimized for performance, an average of 7 times faster than standard OpenText importers.

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Video migration of Documentum to OpenText CS

This video shows how our consultants migrate files and metadata from EMC Documentum to OpenText Content Server.

Documentum to OpenText migration video.

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