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What is Liferay?

liferayLiferay is a highly customizable, open source web content management (WCM/CMS) system that lets users build modern portals, intranets, websites and connected experiences. 

Liferay’s original product, Liferay Portal, was created in 2000 and since 2016 the product is called Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). With this release, Liferay made a shift from simply portal software to a more comprehensive solution to manage customers and users.

As Liferay is a flexible open source solution it offers quite some possibilities to integrate it with other business applications and repositories. On the other hand, migrating a customizable wcm solution can cause some problems. This is the reason that the first step of your migration project should be to decide on the scope of your website migration

Liferay CMS data migration

A key aspect of a migration to our from Liferay is the export and import of all data, meaning users, sites, and all types of content (web content, documents, lists, discussions). When the data is exported, the next major step is to determine what transformations are needed for your website migration?

Xillio offers a proven Liferay migration services to effectively migrate and transform website content, guaranteeing your brand-new website will meet all the requirements you had set.

Xillio has experience with thousands of website migration, for example:

  • Migrate SharePoint to Liferay
  • Integrate Liferay for search
  • Migrate Liferay to Drupal
  • Upgrade Liferay
  • Migration of database for Liferay
  • Migrating website from OpenCms to Liferay Portal

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