Migrate content to Dropbox or Box

Migrate content to Dropbox or Box


What is Box and/or Dropbox?

dropboxBox and Dropbox are so called Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions (EFSS). These solutions enable organizational users to securely synchronize and share documents, photos, videos and files from multiple devices with employees, and external customers and partners.

BoxOrganizations often adopt these technologies to prevent employees from using consumer-based file sharing apps to store, access and manage corporate data that is outside of the IT department’s control and visibility.

Migrate to Dropbox or Box

Are you using Dropbox or Box as your new central enterprise content management system? Need to migrate your content to one of the cloud storage solutions? Xillio offers content migration from any source system to Box/Dropbox, or the other way around.

The below video is an example of a migration project, done by our professional consultants, in which we migrated Documentum content to Box.


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