Google Drive or OneDrive migration

How to migrate file share to Google Drive or OneDrive


The downside of cloud solutions

Google-Drive-logoGoogle Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are both cloud storage solutions, also called Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions (EFSS). The well-known cloud applications Box and Dropbox are also part of this product type.


EFSS solutions are a great addition to the existing enterprise content management solutions; they are user-friendly and have both a modern user interface and search functionality. However, the use of these systems does have a major downside. Employees use these systems to store important information and, at times, business-critical information.

This may lead to an increase of document duplications and content being fragmented across multiple systems.

Migrate to Google Drive and OneDrive

Want to start using a cloud storage solution as your main content management system and finally move away from file shares or legacy ECM system? Have you chosen Google Drive or OneDrive as your preferred cloud solution?

You probably need a proven content migration solution to migrate content from your source system into your target system. Xillio's approach and solution starts with an extensive analysis of all the content on the source system. This will help Xillio identify valuable content that has to be migrated to the new cloud storage.

In the below video, we show an example of a migration of a legacy ECM (Documentum) to a cloud storage solution, in this case, Box.

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